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Results for the 2011-2012 season
Jordan Invitational


Creative Expression                                                                       

Madelaine Foster – 4th                  



Nathaniel Larson – 2 nd

Ian McGillivary – 3rd                      


Extemp Reading

Eden Messner – 7th



Dramatic Duo

Brodin Jentz and Madeline Foster – 2n                            

Elizabeth Rinde and Sedrick Peers – 4th                 

Gi Gi Rich and Io Irvin – 5th                                                                 


Extemp Speaking

Avi Gori – 1st

Sophia Deady – 2nd


Humorous Interp                                                            

Piper Schatz-Akin – 1st                                                                  

Chloe Rich- 2nd                                                                                   

Mariah Oxley – 4th                                                          


Informative Speaking

Austin Van Cleave – 4th

Joe Hanson – 6th



Sophia Deady – 1st

Alexandra Nicome – 2nd

Genny Pfister – 7th



Abby Harnack – 3rd                                                                                      

Simi Parker – 5th


Total Team Rank

2nd Place