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Jefferson Awards Students in Action
Students in Action cleaned 60 bicycles with Free Bikes for Kids. Students in Action participated in three Leadership trainings at the University of Minnesota. Students in Action collaborated with 9 other schools throughout the Twin Cities to participate in the Warm and Fed Challenge. Southwest collected 790 items for the salvation army in our first year of participation. Students in Action helped package 130 boxes of food on January 3rd to be delivered to needy children in Nicaragua. A wonderful way to start 2015! Students in Action served a warm breakfast to 60 residents of the Simpson Housing Homeless Shelter on an early and snowy December morning. Students in Action at Free Bikes for Kids on November 1,2014.
Students in Action

Jefferson Awards Students in Action Southwest Students in Action is a service group dedicated to building a culture of service at Southwest.  Students meet weekly during zero hour or lunch to plan service activites that benefit the school community, local community and global community.  Students in Action was launched in 2006 by the Jefferson Awards Foundation and Deloite to develop high school students into community leaders.  Currently active in 300 schools in communities across the US, the program encourages students to positively impact their schools, communities and world.  Student leaders from all activites at Southwest are welcome to particapate in leadership trainings at the University of Minnesota twice a year where they will learn project management skills that will enhance engagement, track their impact and tell their stories to inspire others. Students are also welcome to participate in a year end competition that culminates with a trip to Washington D.C. in June. 


Advisor:  Connie Overhue

We leverage our network of Media Partners, corporations, universities, local governments and non-profits to reach and promote the work of SIA schools and student leaders.

The Three Pillars of Students In Action


             Develop current and future leadership potential within students.


             Promote the value of service and grow volunteerism within the school community.


             Measure the impact of volunteerism and reward efforts to develop measurement systems.


Students Work to Meet Goals

The Seven Goals help students build LEADERSHIP skills, supports their efforts to ENGAGE others in volunteer service, and results in positive IMPACT for their local communities.

  1. Engage the School Community
  2. Establish an Effective Leadership Team
  3. Expand Volunteer Capacity
  4. Expand Financial Capacity
  5. Tell Service Stories
  6. Grow and Expand the Mission of SIA
  7. Innovate


Cleaning Up Bikes