Jazz Bands
Fall Concert - Thursday October 30th

6:15pm - CB and Jazz students arrive for warm ups/soundcheck

6:45pm - pre-concert combo begins

7pm - Concert Band Performs - Big Band rehearses in rm. 111

7:20pm - Big Band Performs - Wind Ensemble Warms Up in rm. 111

7:40pm - Wind Ensemble Performs

$10 suggested donation

Following their performance, Concert Band students will be a part of the audience for Big Band and Wind Ensemble.  Wind Ensemble will watch the video of the Concert Band and Big Band performances as there will not be enough space to accomodate them all in the audience.

Tour Information: Click HERE for Big Band


Southwest has three different opportunities for Jazz study.  

Southwest Big Band requires an audition and instructor approval and will meet Monday and Thursday mornings during zero hour.  The Big Band will be directed by Mr. Greg Lewis with assistance from Mr. Wixson.
Jazz Too (formerly known as "Jazz Workshop") does not require an audition and will meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings during during zero hour. Jazz Too will be directed by Mr. Wixson.
Student-run teacher-supervised Jazz Combos will meet on two mornings a week during zero hour.  Only combos with permission from Mr. Wixson will be granted rehearsal space.  Speak with him to set yours up.
Click HERE for the Band Handbook and Syllabus, which contains information regarding the assessment of this course

Grades 9-12, meets zero hour (7:30am - 8:25am)