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Level 4 A team got 2nd place!

Japan Bowl 2018 material


J-Quiz 2017 --- Japanese language competition

On Saturday, February 18th, 13 Japanese students participated in the J-Quiz at Normandale Community College. This is a bi-state competition to test the ability of high school students in Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin who are studying the Japanese language. It is modeled on a quiz show format and aims to make the study of Japanese challenging and enjoyable. There were three levels: level II, level III and level IV in this competition. The Southwest level VI-A students got second place in their category.

Please congratulate Level iV-A students! The finalists who represented Southwest at Regions this year were:

Got a certificate
Culhane, Megan Browne, Elizabeth Bieger

Please acknowledge these other participants who did a great job at Regions this year:

Level IV-B — Athen Schooler, Zakeria Husein
Level III-A —Maddison Blevins, Julia Reiswig, Jairo Sanchez Hernandez
Level II-A — Audrey Jenkins, Elena Graham, Annie Thao
Level II-B —Grace Smith, Darius Stone

We will start studying toward next year’s J-Quiz right away. Level 4 study is on Mondays, Level 3 study is on Thursdays and Level 2 study is during Japanese Culture Club time. Every study will start from 3:05 pm. Please come to study with us to win the J-Quiz next year!
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document Geography and Economy (Level 2)   --  Geography and Economy
document Daily Life and Society (All Level)   --  Daily Life and Society
document Popular Culture (All Level)   --  Popular Culture
document Current Events (All Level)   --  Current Events
document JS-Japan Relations (All Level)   --  JS-Japan Relations