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IB Language & Performance SL


CLASS OVERVIEW (basic points)


Grading: Major essays and projects will receive a numerical score, with higher point values for the most important assignments.  Many homework assignments receive a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ score, though these assignments also translate into a numerical score.  Extra credit assignments are offered infrequently during the school year (usually during winter or spring vacation), and allow students to compensate for average-to-poor results earlier in the school year.  Reading a selected novel or work of nonfiction, along with an accompanying review, is the most common extra credit assignment.


Tardies: Be on time.  There are days that weather or personal circumstances might delay you, but make every effort to be in class and ready to start before the tardy bell rings.   Repeated tardies will result in a lowered grade for the quarter, unless you serve after-school detentions.


Papers and Projects: Research papers and essays must be typed, unless highly unusual circumstances prevent this. (Instructor permission required for handwritten papers.)  Typed format: double-spaced, 12 pt. font.  Assignment deadlines are enforced.  Late papers will typically be lowered one full grade each day they are late and will not be accepted if more than two days late.  If you need additional help to undertake or complete the assignment, it is your responsibility to set up an after-school appointment.  Homework deadline extensions must be requested in advance and may sometimes require a note from home.  If printing problems arise (and they often do), you are responsible for e-mailing the paper to yourself and then printing it in the media center before school or during lunch.  Do not expect to print the paper during class time.


Homework: Homework turned in late will receive a lower grade, and each day it is late the grade will be lowered.  This does not apply in the event of excused absences on the day homework is due, or the immediate days prior to the due date.  However, it is your responsibility to find out what assignments you have missed during absences, and to get a revised due date.   Failure to do so may result in your not being allowed to make-up the assignment(s) in question.


Honor before Grades: Cheating and turning in work that isn’t your own will result in serious and immediate consequences.  If you plagiarize the work of others (whether from the internet or your own classmates), you can expect that your parents will be informed and an F will be assessed for the particular assignment.  If the incident is major, or there are repeated instances of cheating, the school IB coordinator will be informed and you will likely be placed on probation.


Supplies: You are expected to bring a spiral notebook (exclusive to this class), composition book, pocket folder, pen or pencil, and a highlighter to class each day.  


Improv Work

"So, a penguin walks into a bar...."

IB Language and Performance SL

December 2017

We will be continuing with Improv.  In addition, we are likely to begin acting out a play by either August Wilson or Sam Shepherd.