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psych 1st qt

Psychology  1st Quarter



Tue 28                Greetings!  Syllabus, expectations.  Liar liar

Wed   29               lying behavior, short video.(scishow)   what is psychology?  what are your goals?

Thu 30                       NB 1  race and culture        

Fri 31               Articles?  Demonstration of article presentation. marshmallow study.           JBT TedTalk- discuss               


Tues 4                  "little known fact"-  getting to know each other game   

Wed 5                  NB 2  terminology- tape in--  practice IV and DV    NB 3  bio 1-4 tape

Th 6                  NB 4  Bio 5 localization of brain functions 

Fri 7                 Video- Teen Brain   articles?



Mon 10                     Positive psychology! Reading NB5: PERMA and WWW Martin Seligman.

Tue  11                WWW,   NB 6  Bio 6 neurotransmission   effects of stress.

Wed 12                   WWW, videoNB7-  Sapolsky and the effects of stress

Th 13                       WWW,  effects of hormones, oxytocin reading  NB8 Bio#7

Fri 14                     WWW, Articles? games 


Mon 17                       community build- bingo

Tue 18               doing some fun experiments             

Wed 19                NB9  bio#8  Rozensweig Rat Brain Study  

Thu 20                  Amnesia studies, NB10  Bio9

Fri 21                     Articles, Stigma!  end the stigma ted talk


Mon 24             positive psych monday, signature strength test and use

Tue 25           NB11- bio 10.  technology and psych. Notebooks due start film     

Wed 26          film

Thu 27          movie

Fri 28              articles- finish movie


Mon 1                 NB12  bio 11,  genetics

Tue 2                Case Study- genetics and politics

Wed 3                NB 13- Bio#12     evolutionary psych   NB14- Bio#13 handout-ethics!

Thu 4               Cognitive pscyh, NB 15  cog 1-4  NB 16 cog 5 schema theory

Fri 5                articles- tedtalk


Mon 8             NB 17  Sleep diary  sleep and memory reading  how is your memory?

Tue 9           sleep diary  NB 18  cog 6 memory models

Wed 10         sleep diary  NB 19  cog 7  teens and sleep deprivation

Th 11              sleep diary   NB 20  cog 8 culture and sleep deprivation

Fri 12              sleep diary   memory games--sleep extra credit challenge!  articles



Mon 15         pos psych mon- pessimism v optimism   ABC model   NB21

Tue 16              NB 22  cog 9  reconstructed memory  

Wed 17             conferences

Th 18                m e a

Fri 19             



Mon 22    pos psych monday  NB 23 active constructive responses and demos   

Tue 23      NB 24  cog 10 tape in   NB 25 cog 11 cognitive appraisal 

Wed 24     NB 26  cog 12  state dependent memory?  Notebooks Due

Thu 25     start criminal packet

Fri 26       articles, games


Mon 29     Finish criminal packet, discuss

Tues 30     notebooks returned- final review

Wed 31     end of qt final    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!