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2016-17 IB/AP art

2016-17 IB/AP art recruitment


Please read the beginning of Intro to Art/Design for rationale of Montesorri approach.  


What is IB art?

It is as close to a visual extended essay as you could imagine.  An extensive amount of reading and writing (that is, process work DURING ART MAKING) is involved.  The documentation of this process is almost more important than the body of art work you will produce for your final exhibition. 


IB art uses a conceptual and visual approach to become knowledgeable about a set of self-selected subjects and then to demonstrate your passion and understanding through visual means.  It is similar to teaching and encouraging you to have your own entrepreneur business; you are given a set of tools to be successful in life and you and take these and run with them.  The set of tools includes philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, anthropology and, above all else, economics of life and art.  The bottom line is that in this course you will be combining creative and analytical thinking on anything you want to be successful at.  You MUST be self directed and disciplined – like an athlete who sets his/her own goals. 


We have alumni who have gotten into Ivy League schools using the IB journey/workbook in place of their college essay.  This could show more college readiness and maturity than anything you put in words. 


In one or two years of IB art commitment, you pick a medium and a topic and do a “deep dive” to show your sense of understanding and control through a visual vehicle.  Your medium must be something you have strong control over.  It could be craft,  design, computer graphics,  dance, performance,  sound art (not music)…  You are encouraged to think outside the box – very few students have the talent or enrichment in classic art like painting, drawing or sculpture to have enough control to express themselves fully.  Your topic can be anything close to your heart or thoughts. 


The following are some past examples and some of my favorite area of interest:

·      Food art;  food as art  

·      Eating as performance art

·      Robotic competition as a form of Roman gladiators’ masculine expression 

·      Sound art by the wind and weather affected by global warming. 

·      Feminist topics:   A full design/marketing propaganda presentation;  A woman president as the next Caesar.   

·      Design a poster as famous as Obama’s graphic street art… as the center piece of your visual campaign. 

·      Recycled paper as 3D art form

·      Recycled pop can as an expression of urban city design and growth.


What is AP art?   ( it does not required “process” for testing but it’s encouraged)

Portfolio building is at the center of AP art.  Your portfolio will include:  

·      12 pieces of art work that show your “breadth” or variety of art medium or art topics

·      12 pieces of art work that show your “depth” or concentration of what you are good at.


That usually translates to making one piece of work per week in the first one and a half quarters.

The rest of the academic year, you can use 2 to 3 weeks to finish or polish one piece of art work in your “concentrated” area.   Obviously, if you are taking IB/AP for two years, you will have considerably more time. 


If you have any questions,  come talk to Zhao or Ms.  Spano.  Or email  Zhao   

If you sign up for this IB/AP course, you are expected to have the commitment to test AP or IB in one or two years.   

If there are enough email inquiries, I will consider holding a Q&A session during lunch time and have current IB/AP members or even alumni coming in – to explain this difficult but meaningful art journey.