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 AP Human Geography
 Room Number: E112

        I am the teacher who cares too much. Late nights correcting and planning do not 
  scare me. Nor does it scare any teacher at Southwest High School. I think of the 
  young people in my classroom as individuals that deserve respect and a challenging 
 curriculum. Students engage in learning activities that respect all voices and fosters 
 learning as a community.  
       The reasons I chose to become an educator were simple. I grew up surrounded by 
  people who didn't have opportunities to attend college. The lives of their children are 
  now at a disadvantage because they didn't have an education. Education is one of 
  the most influential factors that determines a persons position in society. I am a 
  teacher because I know my passion for young people and social studies will enrich 
  hundreds of people throughout my career.

I am truly honored to be your teacher. 

Mr. Hoselton


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