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Honors English 10

Materials needed for this class.

1) You will need to be prepared to take notes both in class and as homework. Those notes will be turned in periodically. To this end, there are at least two options you could consider. One is to have a binder with loose leaf paper with a designated section for English. Another option is to purchase several small spiral notebooks and designate one for English only notes (it will be useful to have several on hand, as they may fill up). A large sized spiral notebook will be a problem, as you may need to leave it with me for a day or two. a notebook to designate for this class alone. The notebook will be needed in class every day, and will be used for homework as well, so make it something you can easily carry with you. The notebook will constitute 25% of your grade.

2) You will need a folder for collecting important handouts - or you can punch holes and keep them in a binder. I have a hole puncher available in class and I will automatically hole punch some items.

3) Purchase multiple pens and pencils. In class essay tests must be written in ink, so consider purchasing ink pens that are easy to write with, so your hand doesn't cramp. Try to obtain several different colors of ink pens to facilitate editing and note-taking.

Other useful but optional items: a highlighter, multicolored markers, and other favored art materials for projects.

I encourage students who may want to annotate texts to purchase them. Highlighting important passages and writing in the margins can aid in understanding. But this isn't required and there should be enough texts for most students in our school library. You must have a school ID to check these out, and you are required to pay for any lost or damaged books that are borrowed from the school.

Check the syllabus for a list of books.



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