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Homeostasis Video Clips

Organ System Overview

Homeostasis Unit: You  are an Upside-down Lobster (4:30)

Homeostasis Unit: How Your Body Knows Left From Right (4:46)

Homeostasis Unit: Why Your Brain is in Your Head (4:30)

Homeostasis Unit: Evo Devo: The Science of Evolution (5:58)

Homeostasis Unit: Amoeba Sisters: Human Body Systems (8:22)

Homeostasis Unit: Replacing Body Parts (13:35)

Secret Life of a Scientist: Myron Rolle Medical Student/Star Football Player (3:00)


Digestive System

Homeostasis Unit: Bill Nye: Digestion

Homeostasis Unit: Gross Science: Why Do I Poop When I Run? (4:00)


Circulatory System

Homeostasis Unit: The Circulatory System (start watching at 2:00)

Homeostasis Unit: Bill Nye: Blood and Circulation

Homeostasis Unit: How Many Heartbeats do We Get?


Respiratory System

Homeostasis Unit: Bill Nye: Respiration


Nervous System

Secret Life of a Scientist: Mayim Bialik Neuroscientist/Actress

Homeostasis Unit: Visual Illusions: Why You See Things That Aren't There

Homeostasis Unit: Bill Nye: The Brain

Homeostasis Unit: 5 Crazy Ways Social Media Has Changed Your Brain (3:15)

Homeostasis Unit: Mirror Neurons (14:00)

Homeostasis Unit: Brain Games: Addiction (22:00)

Homeostasis Unit: How Does the Brain Work? (55:00)

Homeostasis Unit: The Secret Life of The Brain Episode 3 The Teenage Brain (54:00)