Minneapolis Southwest High School is an authorized IB World School

IB/AP Exam Schedule

Monday, May 4 to Friday, May 22nd - Schedule and Location Details here

Film Festival

Film Fest is May1st, 7pm in the Auditorium

Submit your videos for the Southwest High School Film Festival to Mr. West in e110 by 8:30am April 27th. Categories include: Drama, Comedy, Completely Original in which even the music is not under copyright, Short Shorts (videos under two minutes) and Vines (6 second videos).. 

Senior Party

WHAT AND WHERE IS THE SENIOR ALL-NIGHT PARTY? The annual All Night Senior Party (for seniors only) will be held at the Chaska Community Center on Tuesday, June 2nd immediately following the graduation ceremony.

Student Course Registration for fall 2015

Student fall course registration will begin after the spring break.  We wanted to inform you of the process and expectations.  Students will be meeting with their counselor during the month of April. Teacher recommendations will have been completed by April.  Hopefully, all students have taken the time to reflect on their coursework choices and how it impacts their educational pathway. Reasons to change a student schedule in the fall of 2015 will be very limited. Student registration information can be found at www.southwest.k12.mn.us both on the homepage and under the “academics” tab.  The following timelines are in place for fall course registration.