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qt 1 calendar


Tues 28     Introductions, syllabus, goals, fruit game

Wed 29        Attitudes!  positive psych and pbl ideas

Thur 30      revisit pbl ideas - abnormal case-study discussion

Fri 31    demonstrate ABCS abnormal psych articles- ted-


mon 3   labor day!

tues 4     get textbooks   community build

wed 5    NB1  abn 1  discuss abnormality and normality- 

thur 6    pbl time- designing project

fri 7       articles?   urtherapist?  


mon 10   NB2  abn 2      Discuss validity and reliability of diagnosis.

tue 11     wrap up NB2 and start NB3

wed 12     NB 3  on your own from book,  Discuss cultural and ethical considerations in diagnosis (for example, cultural variation, and stigmatization)

th 13       comp time,  discuss your answers..

fri 14  articles,  games


mon 17 NB    Discuss cultural and gender variations in prevalence of disorders.

tue 18            worksheets- diagnoses on personality disorders

wed 19    ADHD- knowledge issues

th 20         write up PBL status report to turn in- discuss.  NB      • Describe symptoms and prevalence and etiologies of Depression

fri 21    articles- ted


mon 24    positive psych project time

tue 25  depression vids and reflection NB

wed 26     shizophrenia

th 27     NBsymptoms, prevalence and etiologies of PTSD

fri 28    articles


mon 1     on your own answer NB  Evaluate the use of biomedical, individual and group approaches to the treatment of one disorder.

tue 2     finish answer and share out-   essay answer due, turn in...

wed 3   bi-polar

th 4     Discuss the use of eclectic approaches to treatment.  

fri 5   articles


mon 8   on your own notebook  Discuss the relationship between etiology and therapeutic approach in relation to one disorder

tue 9    

wed 10    GAD

thur 11    

fri 12   


mon 15   

tue 16    Positive psych exp due!  

wed 17     conferences

thur 18      mea

fri 19                 mea


mon 22  

tue 23   

wed 24   

th 25

fri 26   


mon 29   

tue 30     student present pos psych

wed 31       student present pos psych                        Happy Halloween!!

  thur1 2    no school   end of quarter