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What is a Hero?


Southwest goes day to day without taking the time to recognize kindness in our school. Whether it be opening the door for someone or letting someone borrow your pen, we tend to forget about it because of academics, social life or clubs. So what's the solution? Create a place, a board perhaps, where students and staff can post quotes about who inspires them or compassionate acts. 
The Heroes Board was created by Southwest student council to boost empathy and kindness at Southwest. It was put up near the West Office on January 20th, 2016. 
To nominate a hero, students and faculty can fill out an survey online through the Southwest webpage beneath the staff and student tabs. Students and staff can fill this form out anonymously and do not need to know the name of the hero. In the survey they'll answer questions like, "what makes this person a hero?" or "who did he/she/they affect?" Quotes from these answers will be printed off and posted to the Heroes Board. Along with quotes from the submissions, pictures and certificates for heroes will be handed out accordingly. 
Quotes could be, "I'm note sure of their name, but I accidentally tripped and dropped my school lunch everywhere. A stranger came with napkins to help me clean everything up. Another person shared some of their lunch with me."
or "I wasn't feeling well and my throat hurt so a teacher gave me some tea and honey in one of her mugs. The bag had a hole in it and burst in the mug and she helped me filter out all the tea leaves. I'm very thankful for her help in making me feel better."
Nominate today and give the many Southwest Heroes recognition!