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JET-MIP program brought Hailley to Japan

Hailley Danielson-Owczynsky received a great opportunity to get a 19-day fully funded trip to Japan in July 2015.  The program is called JET Memorial Invitation Program (JET-MIP) for High School Students.  She met her group in Los Angeles for a pre-departure orientation on July 5, then traveled to the Tohoku region in Japan to participate in exchanges with students.  She returned home on the 25th.  Hailley is now thrilled to share her experience.  Please click here to see more than 350 pictures of her trip.


Free trip to Japan in July 2015 --- JET Memorial Invitation Program

The JET Memorial Program is a fully paid stipend opportunity for a student to go to Japan for 18 days during the summer.  Four students applied and three students wrote a one page essay.  All the students wrote really good essays and Hailley Danielson-Owczynsky got the highest votes by the selenction committee.   Thank you for participating in the selection process and good luck to Hailley to go forward to the next proficiency test.  I also appreciated that the committee members gave us their time to read these essays with their busy schedules.
with other participants