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Haiku contest

Haiku Contest 2019

There is a Haiku Contest sponsored by the Minneapolis-Ibaraki Sister City Association (MISCA) and the Minneapolis Public Schools. Entries are divided into four categories: K-5, 6-8, 9-12 and Adult.  Please use the form attached.   Entries are due by Monday, December 10, 2018.  For entry forms click here.  The entries will be judged by the Board of Directors of MISCA, and the top

Haiku Award Ceremony 2018
30 entries in each category will be sent to Ibaraki, Japan for final judging. Final results will be available in March, with an award ceremony to be held in April.   This year’s theme is “Go” which translates in English to "Word pr Words". Writing one haiku is your student’s homework.  Please encourage your students to write more than one haiku to participate in this contest.  If parents and gurdians are interested in entering a haiku, please write one and send it to me. I am happy to send your haiku to the committee.


Haiku Contest 2018

Every year the emperor of Japan selects a theme for haiku poets. This
Tenzin S.
year’s theme is “No” which translates into "Field." Ibaraki, Minneapolis’ sister city in Japan, sponsors a haiku contest. Southwest High School was notified that they placed with eight winners in the citywide contest.

A presentation of awards will be held on Sunday, April 15th, 2018 from 2 p.m. in the Pohlad Hall Auditorium at the Minneapolis Central Library downtown. The rest of the recipients are listed below. Please congratulate these talented students when you see them! 

Category C: Grades 9 – 12

1st Place: Tenzin Sangpo – Mrs. French
                         We relax and think   Sitting in the mellow field   Doing nothing good
2nd Place: Natasha Levy –  Mr. Rees
                          Field, empty space, free   Nature
Morgan S.
is everywhere   Possibility
3rd Place: Kyra Kennie –  Mr. Rees & Ms. Smeltzer
                          Golden grasses grow   Before unforgiving storms   Wash them all away
Honorable Mention: 
                 Eliza Brindley – Mrs. French
                           Waves and waves of green   The world is endless our here   And we are so small
                 John Bonnes – Mrs. French
                           Far as can be seen   Endless rows of golden grain   Fills my field of view
 Saida Mkomo – Mrs. French
                           Running through the field   Smelling fragrances I love   Enjoying life Wow
                 Alexander Wilbrecht – Mrs. French
                           Remnants of a field   Throughout a barren wasteland   This is our future
                 Morgan Stascavage – Mrs. French
                           Calm, kind, beautiful   Peace does not last in this world   But it all changes