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Frequently Asked Questions on the Building Project - Students

How do I get to the East building?
There will be a covered walkway from door 16 in the west building to the east building.  The walkway will have a wooden floor, walls and roof to keep out rain and snow.  The walkway will be 16 feet wide. 

Will passing time be longer?
Passing time will stay at 5 minutes.  Since some classes will be moved to the west building, there will be fewer students moving between the buildings.  This could be readdressed in the future if it is a problem. 

What will the schedule look like next year?  Will there be a block schedule?
The schedule will remain the same for 2015/16: a seven period day with optional zero hour and after school classes.  There will not be a block schedule at this time.

Will extra-curricular activities be affected?
Extra-curricular options should not change. 

Will there be the same amount of computer access for students during construction?  Where will they be while the media center is closed?
There will be the same amount of computer access for students as there is now.  There will be more computers in classrooms and also mobile carts throughout the building. 

Will any classes be offered off-site in 2015/16?
No plans at the current time.