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Frequently Asked Questions - Staff

How will classroom space, office space be organized during and after the construction?
During construction: departments will be given a set number of rooms to configure as best meets their needs and the needs of their students. The solution to creating quiet spaces for students and staff is something everyone needs to consider. There will be no ‘one room’ solution to this issue rather locations need to be reconfigured throughout the building to meet those needs.

After construction: Most teachers will have their own classroom once the construction is complete. In addition, there will be an office space for each subject area and space for teachers and students to meet. Four common learning areas will be available for students after construction.

Where do we meet with students who need to make up a test or get help on an assignment? 
Each subject area will arrange office hours and locations for students based on the configuration above. 

How do students know where to find us during our preps?  
Clear communication is a priority of the Southwest High School. Information should be decided and communicated to teachers, students, parents and the community. 

How many teachers will be on carts? 
During construction: it depends upon how many teachers we hire. We will know more after the master schedule is constructed. 

After construction: most teachers will have their own classroom. There will be a few exceptions, but that depends on new hires.

Will these spaces at least be on the same level of the building? 
It is important that each level and sections of the buildings identify and adapt spaces that can be utilized by staff and students. During construction we may have to think outside the box to create learning and reflection spaces throughout the building.