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Construction FAQs for Parents

Will start times change in 2015/16?
The district is looking at start times for all schools.  SWHS may start 20-30 minutes earlier in order to add minutes to class time.

What will the student schedules look like?
The schedule remains the same for 2015/16:  a seven hour day with optional zero hour and after school classes. 

Will students be safe during construction?
There will be a fence around the construction area.  Students will not be allowed in areas under construction.  The building will be secured with entry limited to the main entrance.  Students will move between the buildings in a secured enclosed walkway until the addition opens around February 2016.

Will my student be exposed to excessive noise and dust during the school day?
The hope is that the building will actually be cleaner and noise will be kept to a minimum during class time.  The construction company is working with the school to minimize disruptions.  They will be notified of important testing days when they will do quiet work.

Will AP, IB, ACT, MCA tests still be taken in the building?  Will the construction noise be limited on those days?
Some large AP and IB exams may be in the West Gym. All other exams will be offsite.  The ACT and MCA will take place at school as usual. The constructioncompany has been informed of the testing days when noise must be reduced.   This also includes the dates of final exams.


When does construction start?
Construction is scheduled to start on March 10th.  The first tasks are setting up the construction fence and building the enclosed walkway.


What happens this spring?
In March the Media Center and Community Education office will be relocated, along with several classrooms.  The west side of the east building will then be demolished.

Rooms 27, 113 and 114 will be converted to a new science lab, dance room and music room.  There will be a new entry at door 5.

The old Media Center will be converted into classrooms.

What rooms are moving and where will they be relocated?
Media Center will move to rooms 126/127 in the front hall.  Hours will stay the same.
Community Ed office will move to room 26
Math rooms 113 and 114 will move to different classrooms where there is an opening.
Room E100 offices will move to Room 11 and E5
Room E101 will move to different classrooms where there is an opening
Room E102 will move to different classrooms where there is an opening.
Room E103 will move to Lab 40
E105 will move to E110
Room 27 will move to different science classrooms where there is an opening.
IB Office will move from 127 to 105
Volunteer Office will move from 126 to 105
Check and Connect will move from 127 to 49B/Lunchroom

Will air conditioning be added in the existing parts of the school?
Yes, the entire building will have air conditioning when the project is done.

What can we expect next fall?
Next fall we will have six new classrooms in the old media center and a new science lab where rooms 113 and 114 were.  The addition will be in progress.

Will some doors that are in use now be blocked?  How will that affect emergency exit plans?
Doors 2 and 14 lead directly into the construction site and will be blocked.  Emergency exit routes will be revised.  The school will hold emergency drills so students will learn the new exit routes.