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Fandom Club!!!

What is it about?
We are a club for any type of fandom. Basically, if you're a fan of anything from anime to superwholock, this is the club for you. That may seem like a wide spectrum, and it is, but I promise you, you'll be able to find someone that knows what you're talking about if you want to nerd-out.

Are there any rules?
Yes, of course there are rules. You probably only need to know the most important rule…
*Be respectful and nice to each other.

When and where will this be happening?
Every Tuesday
Room W109 (Ms. Swanson's room)

What will we do?

  • Introduce your fandom
  • Share Fandom Art
  • Role play
  • Watch Movies and shows
  • Have free time to just chill with Fandom Nerds
  • Possibly even play games
  • Of course, we plan on being completely democratic, so if you've been really interested in this club and then you looked at the activities and you thought something along the lines of "Ew movies are gross no thank you" don't worries, you can have a say in what we do (which will be on a per-week basis)

How can I contact you?
Student Point of Contact: Audrey Jenkins,
Staff Point of Contact: Tanna Swanson,