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TOK Essay Detailed Information


Wednesday, Feb 24  – An outline of the full essay.

Wednesday, Mar 9 – Rough draft of TOK Essay is due
Wednesday, Mar 16 – TOK Essay is due
TOK Essay Resources

TOK Guide  This link is the full Theory of Knowledge Guide. The first assessment representing this guide will take place during the May 2015 session. The TOK Essay is an assessment which is given as a part of the TOK Course. It is NOT the same as the extended essay. The TOK essay not intended to be a research paper; but rather students are required to show their TOK thinking skills in the discussion of a prescribed title that may be primarily conceptual in nature.

Prescribed Titles  The May 2015 Prescribed Titles - select 1 of the 6 to write your TOK essay on!

Assessment Instrument The scoring rubric. The TOK essay is scored externally by the IBO on a scale from 0 to 10.

Overview of TOK Essay Requirements

Sample Mind map of the TOK essay outline

Sample Outline of the TOK essay outline

Prescribed Essay Advice

Examiner Notes of the 2015 Prescribed Titles

 TOK Essay Exemplars

Exemplar Question 1 - Scored a C (6/10)

Exemplar Question 2 - Scored a B (8/10)

Exemplar Question 3 - Scored a C (5/10)

Exemplar Question 4 - Scored a C (5/10)

Exemplar Question 5 - Scored a D (4/10)

Exemplar Question 6 - Scored an A (10/10)