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ESL 2 Poetry



Student, helper,reader and smart.

Brother of Abdiazizi and Abdinoor.

Lover of reading books,traveling,and helping people.

Who feels happy, confident and honest.

Who gives flowers,gifts and music.

Who is afraid of the dark, fear houses and going outside at midnight.

Who would like to see my mom, London, my friends and my family.

Resident of Minneapolis, Park Ave






Soccer player, basketball player, likes girls, loves mom

Brother of Ahmed

Lover of soccer

Who feels happy

Who give away my stuff like my games and my trust

Who is afraid of my lord, mom, and dad

Who would like to see my mom’s mom and dad

Resident of 4th street




Basketball player, driver, sneakerhead and friend.

Brother of Mohamed

Lover of basketball, mom and dad

Who always feels happy and chill

Who gives away my stuff like my games and my trust

Who is afraid of my lord

Who would like to see my mom’s mom and dad

Resident of Minneapolis, 28th street





Student, friend, son, and runner.


Lover of family, sambusa, and soccer.

Who feels bored, happy, and sad.

Who gives love.

Who is afraid of lions, jail, and snakes.

Who would like to see the hajj, Somalia, and Brazil

Resident of Minneapolis, Chicago Ave.





Deko Luula

Sister of Ayan, Amero, and Amaal.

Lover of family, fun, and friends.

Who feels sad, nervous and good.

Who gives movies, music and flowers.

Who is afraid of surgery, tornadoes, and snakes.

Who would like to see my mom, the people, and funny people.

Resident of Minneapolis, Portland Ave S.




Student , player, and  respectful

Brother of Fadumo

Lover of flowers ,forces and beaches

Who feels ,sadness, unhappy, disappointment

Who gives, love and respect

Who is afraid of failure, disrespect, and spiders.

Who would like to see mother, graduation and becoming a doctor

Resident of Minneapolis, Franklin Ave





Son,man,friend and brother.


Brother of Christopher, Louis and Alan.


Lover of music, swimming and family.


Who feels happy,tired and fun.


Who gives friendship,appreciation and respect.


Who is afraid of monster, fire and surgery.


Who would like to see TV, sky and nature.


Resident of Minneapolis.






Smart, never give up, tenth grade, social.

Brother of Rana and Abdul.

Lover of gym workouts, my family, and food.

Who feels nice at Southwest school improvement by English accent and healthy by sleeping early

Who gives thumbs up, gifts, and volunteer money for homeless people.

Who is afraid of tsunamis, death and volcanoes.

Who would like to see France, lions and New York City.

Resident of Istanbul, Turkey,  Kagithane street 45






Xaawo haaji,nice,cool,great helper

Sister of Amina

Lover of my grandma ,my best friend, my sister, and softball

Who feels I am getting surgery,scared and awful

Who gives love to my best friend

Who is afraid of getting surgery,going to the hospital and watching hush movie

Who would like to see my best friend,my grandma and my older sister

Resident of 55 St.Mary Ave SE Minneapolis MN 55414




Brother, son, friend and smart.

Brother of Ali.

Lover of Nature, Reading and pizza.

Who feels happy, excited, and lonely.

Who gives money, help, and friendship.

Who is afraid of volcanoes, snakes and sharks.                   

Who would like to see soccer players, 5 star hotels and the future.

Resident of Minneapolis , Columbus Ave




Girl, student, friend, daughter.

Sister of  Hodan, Ikran, Nasra, Suleko, Fardowsa, Nadiro, Abdifatax, Nur, Abdullahi.

Lover of  Baklava, knowledge, and bunnies.

Who feels powerful with friend, happy,and alone.

Who gives help, laughter,and love.

Who is afraid of failure, dark, and spiders.

Who would like to see the longest wall in the world, success,and the Taj Mahal.

Resident of Minneapolis, Nicollet ave