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Key: SWS = Southwest Singers    CS = Chamber Singer

DV = Donne Voce                           MC = Men’s Chorus

VCM = Varsity Choir Men              VCW = Varsity Choir Women


Date                         Event                                                                   Time/Details          



13th-16th               Chamber Singers Auditions                                  Before and after school    

15th Thursday       Voice Teacher Presentations                                During Choir Classes                    

22nd  Thursday      Chamber Singers Call-Backs                                 3:15-4:45pm         




12th & 13th            Auditorium Rehearsals                                          During Choir Classes        

13th Thursday       Choir Concert 7pm Performance, 6:15pm call               



1st Tuesday            9th & 10th All-State Honor Choir Auditions Due   See Ms. Stanke       

8th Tuesday           Voice Lab (Voice Students Only)                          During Choir Classes                    




12th Monday          *Daytime rehearsals at the Basilica                       Various rehearsals during the day

12th Monday          *Basilica Concert                                                    7pm, Call time TBA           

                                (*SWS, CS, DV & MC)                                                                                        


December 17 - January 2 = Winter Break                                                             



6th Friday               Choir Pictures - All Choirs In performance Attire During Choir Classes                    

20th Friday             Hot Notes Preview in the Student Commons      7pm, Call time TBA           

21st Saturday             Hot Notes Fundraiser at St. Mary's Church          7pm, Call time TBA           

        (Hot Notes Involves individual Students, not full choirs)                                             




6th & 7th                Auditorium Rehearsals                                          During Choir Classes                    

7th Tuesday           Choir Concert                                                           7pm Performance, 6:15pm call

14th Tuesday         Singing Val-O-Grams                                  During the school day                  



3rd  Friday              "Men in Music" Concert (All choir men) 7pm Concert, location TBA

6th Monday            All-State Audition Recording Session                      3-8pm

(students will sign up for 30-minute slots)    

7th Tuesday           Voice Lab (Voice Students Only)                          During Choir Classes

3/15-3/26              Spring Musical "Sweet Charity"                           7pm, 2pm on Sundays                 


March 31 - April 9 = Spring Break                                                                                                                                 




18th Tuesday              State Large Group Contest                                    All-Day at Wayzata HS

(SWS, DV & MC) TENTATIVE                                No Evening Required                   

*19th - 24th           TOUR! (Colorado!) SWS, CS, DV, MC  

We will NOT be gone this whole time            

                                *Please hold these dates until we know exact itinerary           


April 25 - May 11 = 2017-2018 Choir Auditions                                                          



12th Friday             Chamber Singers Call Back List Posted                                                  

16th Tuesday              Chamber Singers Call Backs                                                        

22nd Monday             Lake Harriet Bandshell Concert                           7pm, Call time TBA           

                                ALL CHOIRS                                               



3rd Saturday          GRADUATION! (SWS Only)                               4pm, Call time TBA           

6th Tuesday           Voice Recital (Voice Students Only)                    7pm in the choir room                 

12th & 13th            Finals                                              

13th Tuesday         Last Day for Students