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Dance Company 1 Syllabus


Dance Company 1

Course Description/ Calendar

Instructor:  Ms. Callahan (


Dance is peculiarly adapted to the purpose of education.  It serves all the ends of education helps to develop the body to cultivate the love and appreciation of beauty, to stimulate the imagination and challenge the intellect, to deepen and refine the emotional life, and to broaden the social capacities of the individual that he or she may at once profit from and serve the greater world without. 
--   Maragaret HDoubler 1925



Description: This course will deepen your understanding of dance as an art form as a mover, creator, and critic.  Learning about the elements of dance, choreography and the creative process, and ways to look at art work, you will develop your own personal artistic voice and support the artistic voice of your peers.



·         To increase strength, flexibility, coordination, integration and balance as it applies to dance technique.

·         To grow in knowledge and application of choreographic principles and processes.

·         To develop your artistic voice as you experiment with a variety of stimuli for creating dances.

·         To become more intimate with the Elements of Dance.

·         To encourage healthy and respectful peer involvement as part of working in groups.

·         To increase your ability to talk about and critique dance as an art form.


Weekly Calendar

Monday and Tuesdays are Dance Technique Classes
Wednesday and Thursday are choreography classes
Fridays are Topics of Special Focus ( Dance History, Body Image, Protocols for critique and analysis, dance in Education, Etc.)
Sept. 1-4 Community Building and Get to Know Activities

Sept. 8-11 The Body Primary and Secondary Curves, Choreographic Devices

Sept. 14-18 Continue Above w/ intro Dance History Pioneers (Field Trip on Sept.17)

Sept. 21-25 Introduction to Elements of Dance in movement and Composition

Sept. 28-Oct.1 (No School Friday) Continue Above

Oct. 5-9 Continue Above

Oct. 12-14 (No School MEA on Thurs. and Fri.) Dance History Performance Project Due Guest Artist Eddie Oroyan Begins

Oct. 19-23 Continue

Oct. 26-30 Dance As Social Comment

Nov. 2-6 Same

Nov. 9-13 Group Choreography Projects

Nov. 16-20 Continue

Nov. 23-25 (No School Thursday or Friday Thanksgiving)

Nov. 30 Dec 4 Prepare for Concert

Dec. 7-11 (Concert Week)

Dec. 14-18 Concert Refection / Assessment

Dec. 21-Jan 1Winter Break

Jan. 4-8 Prepare for Finals / Technique Phrase

Jan. 11-15 Prepare for Finals (same with Peer Review)

Jan. 19-21) No School Monday Martin Luther King and Friday Grading day) Final Week


Dates to Remember


November 16:  Field Trip to Cowles Center to see Zenon Dance Co.(10:30 a.m.)

Thursday and Friday Dec. 12th and 13th: Winter Dance Concert/SW Auditorium

*Guest Artist this term:  TBA



You will be graded on three areas: Daily Physical work in Class (includes skill, attendance and participation), Test (both Movement and Written) and Attitude towards Improvement.

Each will comprise 1/3 of your grade.


Make Up Work

I only allow make up work for excused absences.

There is a drawer in the studio marked Make Up Work that tells how you may make up an excused absence. Being that this is a physical class and if you are gone I cannot see your progress, make up work is allowed for 3 excused absences, except in case of an emergency.


Proper Attire for Dance

Proper Attire means sweat pants, yoga pants, work out shorts, biker shorts, t-shirts and clothes that can be stretched in and sweated in that are approved by Ms. Callahan.  It does NOT mean your decision that your jeans are stretchy.