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Miriam Bungert

Ms. Bungert is a graduate of Minneapolis Public Schools and has invested 20 years working with youth and families in Minneapolis. Outside of her work with youth and families, Ms. Bungert is a busy mother of two sons whose experience ground her own work with youth leadership and education. She likes to travel out of the Twin Cities to visit her sisters in San Diego and New York City. She loves live music and learning about new places to eat in Minneapolis.


Through her work as an educator formerly at FAIR School Downtown, Ms. Bungert believes in using art and literacy as a catalyst for engagement in learning, and a passion for equity and student voice drive her work. Building on her experience working with middle and high school students and developing the first Minneapolis Mayor’s Youth Council in 1998, Ms. Bungert launched a new class for freshman called PREP at Southwest in 2014.


The first year of PREP was a huge success. Teachers, students, and parents had wonderful things to say about the value of the class and the importance of building a foundation for students in their first year of high school. PREP class will empower freshman with high potential to develop their scholarly identity by building academic confidence and success, engagement in learning, and community connections in order to pursue their career and college goals.


During PREP students will focus on:

achievement strategies like organization and self-advocacy skills,

reading strategies like how to tackle difficult texts and study vocabulary,

writing strategies like how to write a 5 paragraph essay and respond to writing prompts,

speaking and listening strategies like how to participate in a text based discussion,

academic identity like how your mindset affects your success, exploring future goals including college and careers,

and building community connections by meeting important resources in the school building and our larger community like the College & Career Center.