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Historical Investigation

Upcoming Due Dates:

  • November 30th, 5 sets of research notes from 5 new sources -- use the same requirements as the first 3 sources, source info at top of page, each source starts a new sheet of paper, page numbers next to each fact, only authored scholarly works allowed. Refer to previous handout.
  • December 17th, Draft of paper due in class. -- we will peer edit these drafts with very specific directions based on the rubric. It is very important to have a complete draft to get the most out of the peer edit comments.
  • December 19th, or before you leave for winter break, -- A final paper, with cover sheet and bibliography, full complete footnotes, to be scored for the gradebook.
BBC Documentary END WWI

Watch documentary here. Answer questions on attached sheet.

WWI documentary

Watch the first 50 min and take notes of this documentary.

Origins Causes of WWI Reading

Read the attached packet and take notes in your notebook on MAIN, Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism. Allow a page for each factor and write which events in the reading belong on which sheet, give a description and reason it is a cause of WWI when you added it to a page in your notes.

Haitian Rev Documentary and question sheet

Watch the following documentary and answer the questions on the sheet given out in class.

Research question for Historical Investigation

Using the research you have found for your historical fiction paper create a good research question for a historical investigation. This video explains how to write a good research quesiton. Turn in question January 24th.