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Historical Investigation

All three parts and a bib are shown here. This is not a perfect paper, it is an idea how to format and see how the three sections work together.

Click links for different documents:

*Example of all three parts of the paper put together, your part 2 was due Q2, part 1 and 3 are due Monday March 5th.

*Decription of all three sections with rubric

Non-Tester , your part 1 and 3 attached to your already completed part 2 is due Monday March 5th.

TESTERS -- Your entire put together final draft of all three parts is due March 8th!


Lecture notes on MAIN - causes of WWI

Take notes, reorganize the information in your notebook, use white space!

Pod Cast - Berlin Conference

Listen to the BBC POD CAST about the Berlin Conference and write a reflection paragraph. Click above for hand out explaining assignment.

Margin notes for Reading Origins and Causes WWI

Read and take margin notes on each page. Due Oct 23.

Research Notes for Historical Investigation

Use the guide by clicking above,  take notes on 3 of your sources by Oct 27. Turn in your notes. They can either be hand written on sheets of paper, or done as a google doc.

Haitian Rev Documentary and question sheet

Watch the following documentary and answer the questions on the sheet given out in class.

Digital Time line

Use this interactive timeline to fill out the worksheet.

French Revolution Documentary

Watch the documentary on the French Revolution and take notes starting at 28 min in until the end.

French Revolution Part 2 reading

Take notes in the margins, definitions, questions, connections, notes to self.

Working with Historical Sources - Reading

Read and take margin notes and do activity work in margins.

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