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Africa Colonization Reading Part II

Read and take notes in the Margin.

Africa Image Response

Veiw the images on this site.

In your notebook write a response to 10 images of your choice.

For each image write:

1. What or Who it is of.

2. How the subject fits into the story of African Independence.

3. Your response to the image, content about the image.

African Independence

Watch Video.

Cold War Videos

Go to the CNN site and watch the short clips on the Cold War. Turn in one page of notes. Due April 20th.

Response Paper to "Unbroken Chain"

Due Friday April 21, see attached assignment sheet.

Algeria Debate Reading

Use this reading, and the one you did Margin Notes for, to prep for the debate:

The French Government, not the pied noir, shoudl be blamed for the out break of the Algerian War" True or False.

Algerian War reading

Margin notes, Due Friday April 14th

Read Unbroken Chain

Over Spring Break read the enitre book, Unbroken Chain. Due April 10th. Find direction how to download an Ebook by clicking the link above.

Historical Investigation Assignments

Hit link above for handouts.

Final draft of all parts, A,B,C plus Bibliography due March 23rd ( testers if you can get yours in earlier please do!)

Draft of Part C due March 16th

Draft of Parts A and B due March 6th

Part A Prep - Due Feb 10

example of finished Historical Investigation

Current Events Directions. One presentation per quarter. Sign up date with teacher.

 Learn about a current World event, pol, soc or econ. (can be up to 5 years old)

 Find and Show its’ connection , origin or relationship to some 20th century event/s.

 Teach it and lead a class discussion.

 You can do this ONCE per quarter

 Total of at least 5 sources in bibliography (see above) 


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