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Changes in labor

Link to resources here

And use Chapter 2 from the text book, Coolies

In groups of 3 people:

-Using the chrome books in class and your textbook, link to the site above and read the introduction together.

-On the site you will find two linked sources, read through both of these

-In your textbook read through Chapter 2 Coolies.

- After reading through the three sources in your group discuss these questions:

  1. According to their own testimonies, how did Chinese coolies come to Cuba? How were they treated in Cuba?
  2. According to the New York Times article, why should the United States act against the participation of United States merchants in the coolie trade?
  3. How did the New York Times article differentiate coolies to Cuba from Chinese immigrants in the US? After reading the two sources together, what can we see about the different portrayals and the ambiguous position of Chinese labor migrants in different local contexts (such as their racial status, interracial marriage, cultural characteristics and economic value)?

AFTER discussing the questions, as a group, compose a statement describing the changes in New World slavery and Asian migrations to the Americas through the 19th century. Use CER format, Claim, Evidence, Reasoning.