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AP Statistics

Welcome to AP Statistics!

AP Statistics is the high school equivalent of a one semester, introductory college statistics course. Students will develop methods for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. 

We will cover the following units during the year

Unit 1: Display data and calculate statistics
Unit 2:  Properties of distributions
Unit 3: Scatterplots and linear regression
Unit 4: Design surveys and experiments
Unit 5: Laws of probability
Unit 6: Random variables and distributions
Unit 7: Using sampling distributions
Unit 8: Determining confidence intervals
Unit 9: Hypothesis testing
Unit 10: Comparing two populations
Unit 11: Chi-square tests
Unit 12: Inference on linear regressions

All students are expected to register for the May 16, 2019 AP Statistics Exam. AP exam registration will be announced in January and February. Financial aid is available to cover the cost of this exam.

You can click here to see the class syllabus.  

Agenda for Week of Nov 19:

Monday, 11/19 - Day 5.2 Simulations  
Tuesday, 11/20 - Day 5.3 Probability Models
Wednesday, 11/21 - Thanksgiving break
Thursday, 11/22 - Thanksgiving break
Friday, 11/23 - Thanksgiving break

Last Week's Agenda

Monday, 11/12 - Day 4.8 Using studies wisely 
Tuesday, 11/13 - Day 4.9 Review Unit 4
Wednesday, 11/14 - Day 4.10 Review further
Thursday, 11/15 - Day 5.1 Simulation
Friday, 11/16 - Day 4.11 Unit 4 test

Homework for the upcoming weeks 

All older homework can be found by clicking here or clicking on the Homework link on the sidebar.

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