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Minimum Wage Congressional Committee Simulation

War on Poverty
National Debt Videos
Presidential Speeches:  Use the following links to complete the President in Times of Crisis handout.

President Roosevelt’s First Fireside Chat on Bank Regulation (March 12, 1933)
NY Times Unemployment Landscape
CBS News Obama's "Americans Job Act" Speech
NY Times Economic Stimulus News
NY Times Unemployment News
Room For Debate: 16 Ways to Cut the Federal Deficit
American Public Media: Budget Hero
The Concord Coalition Federal Budget Challenge
Committe for a Responsible Federal Budget
New York Times Budget Simulator
Holiday Display Sites































Polling Data and Results
This site has data on all kinds of political issues, elections, candidates etc...

Redistricting Game

Real Clear Politics A clearinghouse site for political news.

Fact Check
This site will help you check the truth and accuracy of political claims and advertising.

Federal Statistics
Statistics from over 100 federal agencies.

iCue US Government
US Government site from the University of Phoenix

Living Room Candidate
Presidential campaign commercials from 1952 to the present.

Pew Research Center
The Pew Research Center offers statistics and analysis on a variety of topics.

Truth Dig
The news behind the news.

Pollster Polls and analysis of all things political.

NY Times Budget Simulator

NY Times Political Donations

Why Limit Political Donations - New York Times and Citizen's United