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Anime Club

What is it about?
We are a club for any type of Anime. 

Are there any rules?
Yes, of course there are rules. You probably only need to know the most important rule…
*Be respectful and nice to each other.

When and where will this be happening?
Every Thursday
Room W109 (Ms. Swanson's room)

What will we do?

  • Introduce ourselves to each other and what our favorite Anime are.
  • Watch Anime on a large high quality screen.
  • Have discussions about Anime and what we are currently watching.
  • Introduce each other to new and old Anime.
  • We are completely democratic, so if you've been really interested in watching a different Anime just bring your ideas to the meeting. At the end of each meeting we vote on what we will watch at the following week's meeting.

The calendar, with a bunch more information you probably want to know.

How can I contact you?
Student Point of Contact: Devon Olson,
Staff Point of Contact: Tanna Swanson,