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Advanced Placement European History


Update 11/17/2018:  Scroll down to the second link to find the link to the Quizlet page.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the latest notebook assignments and test review for Monday's LEQ.  Review questions on the 17th century global economy and on the English Civil War (Cavaliers and Roundheads, Cromwell, The Commonwealth, The Stuart Restoration, the Glorious Revolution, etc.).


Course Description:

AP European History is a dynamic course in modern European History.  Students of AP European history will examine some of the great movements, trends, personalities and philosophies of European History from the Renaissance to the Global Age (1450-present).  Our process will make use of the AP historical skills of causation, continuity and change, contextualization and synthesis.  Students will have the opportunity to research and reflect on great movements in art history, scientific developments, political and social movements, and economic and social change.  Course activities and assignments are designed to prepare students for the AP European History exam in May 2019.

AP European History lays a special emphasis on the examination of historical perspective.  Every effort will be made to avoid a dogmatic approach to history, to challenge past assumptions and stereotypes, and to study multiple (sometimes conflicting) narratives in history. 

The burden is on the student to answer the questions and develop their own perspectives, as well as an understanding of perspectives that they might not agree with or share.



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The Big Question:  Was Crowell a Revolutionary Hero or a Genocidal War Criminal?  (The Independent).





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