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David West MEDIA & FILM Teacher
Black and Blue
From award winning video Black and Blue by Simon Tolman, Jasper Lazor and Amir Sharif. This film won top honors in the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, Best Short Short in the Southwest Film Festival and Best in Fest in the EDU. Jasper Lazor also won cinematography honors for it at EDU

Welcome to Southwest Film and Media

We offer students meaningful learning experiences in Media Arts, Videography and Film History and Critique from 9th grade through 12th grade if a student chooses.

Our IB Film (Standard Level and Higher Level courses) is college level work that can count toward a student's BA depending on the college or University.

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Head Below Water
Lucy Bowman's award winning short screened at the Minne Mini Film Festival, The Minneapolis St.Paul International Film Festival as well as the Southwest Film Fest. Lucy also screened her latest movie When I See You at the EDU Festival and was a finalist in the Emerging Women Filmmaker's category

From Avi Patel's Short Short in the 2017 SW Film Fest. Click to see all the Short Short Finalists
Advanced Media

The prerequisite for this course is successful completion of Media Arts 2.

This is an open-ended course taught in semester increments. The goal is for students to pursue interest in Media and/or Film either from a production standpoint or a criticism standpoint. It is an opportunity for students to collaborate with other advanced students and/or develop keen interest in the art form on their own.

Students need to demonstrate a high level of media or film competence well over grade level expectation as outlined in the State standards for Media Arts.

This course is unique in that it’s available to both MYP students and 11th and 12th grade students.