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What does the PTSO do?

Hello from the Southwest Parent Teacher Student Organization, and welcome to 2nd quarter 2016-17! If you have donated money, time, or goods, we want you to know that we have done some great things with what you provide to us:

Thanks to the generosity of our Southwest Community, this year we have outfitted highly mobile students with cold weather gear, backpacks, school supplies, and sports equipment that they needed to participate fully in school activities-- we raised special funds for a laptop computer, continuously stock our in-school free store, outfit classrooms and study hall with tissues, cleansing wipes, and other basic needs; provide meals for teachers on long conference days, and host guest speakers on topics relevant to parenting teens (one more is scheduled for May 5th from 5-7 in the new commons-- don't miss it).

THANK YOU. We rely solely on generous donations of time, money, and goods. Southwest High School's Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) is doing good works thanks to you and all you do.

~Kirsten Mair, PTSA Chair 2015-16, PTSO Chair 2016

Time is precious, but the PTSO at SWHS shows great returns with just a small investment of time. If you have an interest in volunteering, please contact the SW Volunteer Coordinator, Janice Peterson

Your generous donations and volunteer time enable us to work toward our mission to:
  • promote the well-being of Southwest students at school and at home;
  • bring parents, teachers and staff together to support students;
  • advocate to serve the best interest of Southwest;
  • promote our value to the SW community and attract local partnerships and support.

The PTSA board is seeking members to support Southwest in 2016-17 and beyond. Become a volunteer with jobs big and small...

  • Commit to leading one special event each year, or mix up volunteer efforts throughout the year.
  • Everyone is welcome: new or old, family, alumni, and community members. You CAN find a way to pitch in!
  • Contact Janice Peterson and don't be intimidated-- it's fun!

The following list represents activities formerly under the auspices of the PTSA each year:

  • Plan and organize evening PTSA Speaker Series and Informational Meetings (3x per year)
  • Compile fall packet of forms & information that is distributed to each student (August)
  • Organize and staff Freshman Orientation (August/September)
  • Procure & provide food & drinks for all staff - first day of school (August/September)
  • Distribute student schedules the first day of school (September)
  • Help distribute textbooks during the first two weeks of school (September)
  • Organize and staff Picture Day (September)
  • Student Directory coordination, data entry, printing and sales (September/October)
  • Organize and staff the Open House (September)
  • Organize dance chaperones for school dances (throughout the year)
  • Procure donations of food and organize meal for staff during parent-teacher conferences (October & February)
  • Organize and staff 8th Grade Info Night (December)
  • Plan, organize and distribute gift certificates and/or thank you's to all SW faculty and staff with the support of local merchants and PTSA funds (December/January)
  • Host SWHS Community Forums
  • Recruit test proctors school-wide (throughout the year)
  • Organize and staff teacher appreciation event (mid-May)
  • Organize Senior awards (May)
  • Organize Senior party (May/June)
  • Fund teacher supplies, available through the volunteer center, such as: markers of all kinds, clip boards, pens, pencils, notebooks, sticky notes, sticky tabs, antibacterial wipes, tissues, staplers, etc. (throughout the year)
  • Attend District info meetings (monthly)
  • Attend Area C meetings to advocate for our students (throughout the year)
  • Plan and attend PTSA Executive meetings with the school's Principal and Volunteer Coordinator (monthly).
  • Coordinate and share information with the Southwest Foundation (monthly)
We need your membership! Join the PTSO and volunteer with or donate to SW by contacting Janice Peterson. Your dollars funded past educational nights like these:
  • Done: October 28, 2014-- Project Success Director of Curriculum Jason Brown on Motivation, Study Skills and Self EsteemSee this recent article: Project Success Finds Academics and Soft Skills are not Either Or and see the link to the night's power point presentation "southwest_parent_night..." at the bottom of this webpage.
  • Done: January 13, 2015-- Make Good Choices: Respectful Guidance & Engagement on topics of Substance Use, Sexuality, & Impulse Control. Parenting adolescents can be an incredible experience. The pleasure of co-starring in one of the most memorable periods of their lives can bring about a sense of purpose and pride as well as be intimidating and cause one to feel like an innocent bystander. While there is no handbook for parenting, there are some strategies that can be used to maintain the parent-child relationship during this fragile time as well as enable a parent to use their own experiences to demonstrate real life consequences of decisions. Please join us for an open dialogue about the up’s and down’s of parenting a teen and how both parties can come out closer and stronger than ever! See also the Southwest student newspaper "The Anchor" for the November 4th article on mental health resources at Southwest.
  • Done: March 10, 2015 Making the Most of Summer (see below)
  • Done: 2014-2015 PTSA SPEAKER SERIES 7:00 p.m. 


    Making the Most of Summer:  Productive Fun through Volunteerism, Community Engagement and Service Learning
    Presented by: Zeeda Magnusson and Rose Maanum from HandsOn Twin Cities

    Date:                              Tuesday, March 10

    Time:                              7:00 PM

    Location:                         SWHS Black Box Theater

    About HandsOn Twin Cities (

    HOTC is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting and facilitating meaningful volunteerism, education and leadership development in the Twin Cities Metro Area.  This effort is continuing the outstanding volunteerism in Minneapolis and St. Paul; which has again ranked #1 in the nation for volunteerism.  Building on 95 years of experience as the Nation’s first Volunteer Center, HandsOn Twin Cities and 300 plus affiliates give communities the opportunities to Be the Change.