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2016-17 Fall Applicants accepted into NHS
2016-17 Fall Applicants accepted into NHS


The following students have been accepted into Southwest NHS and are expected to attend the NHS Induction Ceremony on Tuesday, October 25, 2016:



Culhane, Virginia

Olson, Carter

Struwe, Laurel



Ahmed, Samira
Blumenfeld, Zach
Carlson, Jane
Chiang, Maria
Christenson, Paige
Christopherson, John
Clay, Oliver
Dalsing, Isabella
Downham, Haley
Dutton, Lilly
Edwardson, Fiona
Forester, Billie
Gagliardi-Grabau, Izzie

Graber-Mitchell, Cole
Kaplan, Jordan

Larson, Maya

Launstein, Maddie

Ledermann, Zaylie

Loftesnes, Emma

Loomans, Claire

Mayer, Lucy

Montgomery, McKinsey
McLemore, Ruby
McNamer, Kelly
McNamer, Maggie
Murray, Grace
Ondich, Kajal
Owens, Skylar
Peterson, Isabel
Peterson, Joe
Rasmussen, Spencer
Raver, Abby

Ringwald, Claire

Rosengren, Alison
Schoenecker, Morgan
Seipp, Zoe
Smith, Peyton
Stordahl, Anais
Sundeen, Allison
Taghizadeh, Leyla
Trang, Liang
Vanderscheuren, Hannah
Waller, Katie
Weld, Gabrielle
Wiesner, Audrey
Wodele, Ginger


Bednarski, Kasia
Christensen, Codell
Dean, Owen
Grabowski, Emma
Kegley, Lucy
Kian, Ava
Leighton, Olivia
Mack, Izzie
Patel, Hema
Pekala, Mark
Richmond, Lily
Simmons, Camryn
Simmons, Paige
Simmons, Sienna