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Welcome to Southwest Film & Media

David West Instructor.

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Media Arts/Video

This hands-on semester course will allow you to produce your own video in several different genres.

Media Arts/Video II

A honing of the production skills practiced in Media Arts/ Video I, this semester course requires successful completion of Media Arts/Video I or instructor approval, self motivation and a high interest in Media.

I.B. Film Standard Level

An exciting year long academic film course that mixes the theoretical with the practical.

I.B. Film Higher Level

The ultimate film course offered at Southwest High School, a two year course blending production and theory, is only open to current juniors who have completed successfully I.B. Film Standard Level.

Film and Video

A class providing videography opportunities for both up and coming sophomores finished with Media Arts 1 & 2 as well as juniors and seniors wanting to focus on production rather than the theory and history that IB Film offers. This class is also largely responsible for producing the Anchor Advisory Announcements.

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