Ultimate Frisbee Club

Moose Ultimate Southwest, or MÜS for short, is Southwest high School's Ultimate Frisbee team. Come join in the fun!

We play in both the fall and the spring, and we encourage everyone with an interest in Ultimate and Frisbees to come out and play! Learn to throw and catch a disc! Sure we field teams in competitve leagues, but we also provide numerous opportunities for everyone to learn and play. Even part-time participation is enthusiastically embraced. 

Practice at Armatage 4:00-6:00 on March 24th and 26th *** Updated ***
Sunday, March 22, 2015 2:30 PM

It has been decided to hold practice this week at Armatage (58th & Penn) 4:00-6:00 on Tues., March 24th and Thurs., March 26th (NOTE TIME CHANGE).

Our official contract is in for Minikahda Vista and they want us to use the field starting on April 2nd. Eventually Coach Erin will be in charge of letting everyone know where practices will be held each week but until our contracts for field reservations start, we will need to be flexible for the next 3 practices.

There is a bus route that can get you to this location (pick up #6 southbound on Xerxes, get off at 58th Street, and walk east to Penn) and hopefully a few parents and players can take some kids if needed. Coach Chris also volunteered to pick -up some players if needed. Maggie can get the 4 eigth graders to Armatage right after they get out of school if needed (text her at 612-865-4608).

Lastly, Please bring any outstanding Fundraiser packets to practice on Tues.  We need all unsold coupons to be returned to the Impact Fundraising Co. so they can settle our account with us.

Thank you everyone for making all of this happen for our MUS players!

MUS Discs are Here!
Thursday, March 19, 2015 8:10 PM

We were able to give out 14 Discs at tonight's practice! Please get your registration in ASAP so you can get your disc too! You can even bring it to the Fundraiser this Sun. and pick up your disc at that time.

Final Fundraiser Date -- Sunday, March 22, 2015
Thursday, March 19, 2015 7:30 AM

A big Thank You to everyone involved with last Saturdays Fundraiser Blitz kickoff! It was a very worthwhile event for the team, in more ways than just raising money (Which they did!) for MUS.  It was fun to get to know new players and everyone enjoyed the pizza and suspense of being able to dip their hand in the CA$H bag.  Just ask John Lazur, he managed to pull out a $10.00 bill in both of his grabs. It was a beautiful day and there was even some time to toss around the frisbee.

Our next (and final) fundraiser date is Sunday, March 22nd.

Meet at the Lazur/Cioci household (4006 York Ave. S. Minneapolis, 55410) at 12:00 p.m. for a brief selling tips discussion and to get your map and pick your driver for the day.

We go out in small groups and sell until 5:00.  Then we meet back at the  Lazur/Cioci household for a pizza party and cash prizes to be won. This should be another fun event and the weather looks like overcast with a high in the 40's which could keep people in their neighborhood and willing to contribute!

We are all very excited about this team building year!  Our first practice this week was awesome with 24 boys and 12 girls showing up to support this game. Ultimate frisbee is one of the most honorable team sports ever played.  It defines good sportsmanship with self-refereeing and a creative cheer from each team to the other after every game.  Who does that??? Ultimate teaches our kids what we want them to learn and a game they can enjoy playing forever!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Fundraiser packets are due after the final fundraiser and no later than Mon. 23rd.  If you can drop them off at the Lazur/Cioci household on Sun. even if you cannot attend the fundraiser Blitz or give them to a captain, coach or booster member by the 23rd that would be perfect.  Thank you for all your efforts!

Minnesota Girls Mixer (MGM) Developmental Clinic
Monday, March 16, 2015 9:25 PM

Opportunity for our MUS girls! MUS' has been accepted to play in the...

Minnesota Girls Mixer (MGM) Developmental Clinic 
Saturday March 21st from 12 pm - 7 pm  (doors open at noon; warm up clinic 12:15)
University of Minnesota athletic dome (Twin Cities).

This will be a great chance to get some clinics and playing in, with coaching from our new coach Erin Manlove. 

If you want to play, RSVP to Captain Sophia.Morrissette@gmail.com BY THIS THURSDAY EVENING. (Roster goes in on Friday).

They will take whatever number of girls we have that want to play and combine with players from another team to form a larger team of 14-18 players. The plan for the MGM is to have four teams, each with 14-18 girls. It is likely there will be two high schools represented on each team. Teams will then participate together in alternating scrimmages and clinics.

A schedule and clinic packet will be sent out prior.

To EVERYONE, remember info/registration night is 7:00pm Thursday March 12, room 114.  This will also be an organizing meeting to get transportation sorted out, official chaperones recruited, etc. So even if you know a lot about MUS, please come, get the forms and fees all taken care of and celebrate the start of the season!