Ultimate Frisbee Club

Moose Ultimate Southwest, or MÜS for short, is Southwest high School's Ultimate Frisbee team. Come join in the fun!

We play in both the fall and the spring, and we encourage everyone with an interest in Ultimate and Frisbees to come out and play! Learn to throw and catch a disc! Sure we field teams in competitve leagues, but we also provide numerous opportunities for everyone to learn and play. Even part-time participation is enthusiastically embraced. 

MUS update 4/27-31
Monday, April 27, 2015 6:45 AM

Girls play home Tuesday vs. Mounds View.

Open team has a bye week -- so no game, but they'll practice at 3:30 on Thursday instead.

Captains practices on Monday's beginning this week, in addition to Tu-Wed-Th coach practices.

Kudos to all the Open players for their great stamina, spirit, and play at Mudbath! 6 games in 2 days with a win over Madison Memorial, and great challenges to both Hopkins (MN) and Stoughton (WI).

Thanks to Dan L. for tournament coordination and coaching, to Tim O and Sam R for coaching, to the parents that drove, and to our players for garnering a quick invitation back to our host family's house for next year :)

Next up: Hopkins Hustle (both girls and open teams!) May 9-10

Captain's Practices Start 4/27
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 8:15 PM

There are now MONDAY captain practices! Starting the 27th, they are at Minikahda at 3:30.

Stadium Game Info
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 9:10 AM

We have scheduled a game at the stadium for Wednesday, May 13th at 7 PM. We are going to play a co-ed game against South Squall.
With over 40 players playing this spring, we will choose players for the game for a manageable quantity. Here are the criteria for playing in the game:

  1. Inform a coach you would like to play.
  2. Learn a position on offense - handler/cutter and playing hard defense whether person or zone.
  3. Attendance at practice and games

We are targeting about 21 players for the game and will have a final roster on May 11th. The roster will not affect playing time at league games where everyone gets an opportunity nor will it affect opportunities to improve your game at practice.

The game is an opportunity to showcase are sport for the rest of the school so everyone should be promoting the event.

MUS News 4/19-4/24
Sunday, April 19, 2015 10:25 PM

MUS:  3 items for this week

1. SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK (chilly this week, remember to have enough layers, sweats/jackets, hat, gloves, or you may be asked to sit out):

Tuesday April 21: 

Girls: GAME, vs. Hopkins (HOME), 5pm warm up, 6pm game
Open: Practice, 3:30-5:30

Wednesday, April 22: 

Girls & Open: Practice 3:30-5:30

Thursday, April 23:

Girls: Practice, 3:30-5:30
Open: GAME vs. Wayzata (AWAY), 3200 Mill Street Hamel, MN 55340
View Map, meet at SWHS, Chowen lot, depart by 4:30pm, drivers needed – RSVP please. 

Friday, April 24: 

       Open: Depart for Mudbath, 3:30pm, SWHS, Chowen lot.

*practices and home games are at Minikahda unless otherwise noted


   We have room for 6 more players. Let me know ASAP – text is best, 612-508-6489, or madalyncioci@gmail.com  -- final roster due Monday.  (New players welcome. Sorry, 8th graders aren’t eligible for this one.)

3. TEAM SNAP is ready! 

  • We are launching our use of  www.Teamsnap.com , an online and mobile app that allows us to send e-mails to everyone more efficiently (and reliably), and allows players to indicate their availability for games.  Thanks Kevin K. who's done an amazing job getting roster, games, e-mails, preloaded.  No worries if you aren’t tech savvy, you will still be getting e-mails right into your in-box, just as you have been.
  • Some people were already in TeamSnap; new people have been added (apologies for any errors).
  • STEP 1: You should get an email via TeamSnap to create a login. MUS will show up as one of your teams when you log in.  (If you want, you can have your player create their login first.  Then you can choose to either share your player’s login or create your own.)
  • STEP 2: Use TeamSnap to RSVP for games & check the game schedule, and past results 
  • STEP 3: (optional) Parents, you can add yourself to be an “additional contact” for your player, so that you can then mark your player’s availability.  You do this by going to the “roster” tab, clicking ON your players name, and then adding your name/e-mail as an additional contact for that player.
  • Problems?  Email Kevin (Kevin@kinneavy.com) (NOT Madayn!) if you don’t get an invitation from TeamSnap in the next day, or if you have any problems with the system.


Important Information Summary - 4/16/15
Thursday, April 16, 2015 9:30 AM

This post is long, but full of info you need to know.  Please read to the end!

  1. Drivers for Open Game Today (4/16) - One more driver wouldn't hurt.  So far we have Donna, Mike M., Maggie, and Madalyn. If you're going straight to the game, let coach Chris or captain Paul know.
  2. Wednesday practices added - Starting NOW. Same place/time: 3:30, Minikahda. This allows both teams to have 2 practices and a game each week, and one practice where girls and boys can play together.
  3. MUS Meeting Minutes (attached) Good details from our meeting. Please read!
  4. USA Ultimate membership DUE BY FRIDAY APRIL 17:  We have several players who haven’t yet joined USA Ultimate.  This is a requirement for  getting onto the roster for the State Tournament (May 30-31).
  5. Madison Mudbath, April 24-26:  This is the list of players that have told me they want to go. If you want to go, but haven’t RSVP’d yet, do so soon right here. We will cap it at 21. You have to have all your spring MUS registration complete and be in high school.  (See Tournament Info...)
    Charlie O.           Julian K.
    Charles L.           Nic D.
    Edward H.          Nick S.
    Henry M.            Ramsey S.
    Jacob K.             Royce H.
    John L.               Ryan G.
    Jon S.

    We could use another driver.  Drivers so far: Dan L., Joe L., Madalyn C., and Mike M. (If we get more players, we’ll need additional drivers.)
  6. Save These Dates:
    May 9-10 - Hopkins Hustle Tournament (Maple Plain, MN)
    May 30-31 – State High School Ultimate Tournament (usually in Blaine, MN)
    Sun, June 7, MUS end-of-season party.  3pm – MUS player/alumni game 4:30 – picnic, Minikahda Vista
  7. Peanut allergy alert:  We have at least one player this year with severe peanut allergy. Please do not bring peanuts, peanut butter, or peanut snacks/candy.  Other nuts are ok.
  8. New Communication Tool Coming Soon – TEAM SNAP
    Several parents have suggested that the TEAM SNAP app will be more efficient for us and we are going to give it a try.  You don’t have to be very tech savvy…messages will appear in your e-mail. But it allows players to indicate whether they are playing in games, allows parents to indicate if they can drive, and keeps track of game schedules/results, etc.   We will pre-load your addresses. You will have to set up a log in once, but that should be it. 

    Once TEAM SNAP is up, we will use it as our primary communication tool.  We will keep the FB page more for general information and player to player communication. 
  9. Fundraiser Success: Congrats and thanks to all who participated in the fundraiser. You raised over $3,000 for MUS, which will allow us to buy pop-up canopies for the team and to provide financial assistance to ensure that kids who want to play, can. 
  10. Need help finding or acquiring cleats or covering any costs of playing? Ask your coach or Madalyn Cioci. Coaches may have a line on inexpensive options, and MUS can help offset costs for players.

If you’ve read to here, you get a MUS swag cheer.