¡Bienvendos! / Welcome!
Con-tubo_en VZ
"¡Haz lo que te encanta y te desafía!" // "Do what you love and what challenges you!"
y // and
"¡Disfruta la compañia de los amigos!  // Enjoy the company of friends!"
Name: Jonathan Townsend  
Grade/Subject: Spanish Levels I and V (IB SL Spanish)
Room Number: 211, West Building
Phone:612-668-3030 (SW Main)
¡Bienvenidos! Welcome back to what will be an exciting year of growth
Good Friends
and learning for us all. I hope that the past few months have offered you time to rest, play and learn new things.
YOU are a very smart person for deciding to learn another language. Get ready to try some new things. Throughout the year, KEEP trying new things, pushing yourself into new areas and becoming comfortable with not always being what you are used to believe as being "successful." Trying makes you successful.
If you change your mindset to believe that you can learn from what doesn't work out as you've planned, the word "mistakes" won't mean much anymore; they're just steps on your path towards achieving your goals. You can do this, intelligently and maturely, in class. You'll find that you're not alone, but rather supported and encouraged here. We're all here to grow and improve. Let's go for it.
Please read the appropriate syllabus for the class we have together this year. You can find it by clicking your class link to the top right. Be sure that you hand in the Sign-Off sheet right below, too (it was pink in class).