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Southwest Cross Country Booster Club

Mission Statement


The mission of the Southwest Cross Country Booster Club is to work with the coaches, the school and district administration, and the families of team members to provide support for team activities and for the team philosophy, emphasizing both team unity and the individual and personal growth of each athlete. 


Membership, Leadership, and Meetings


Any parents of students currently or formerly on the team are welcome to attend Booster Club meetings.  The Booster Club will have two business meetings per year.  Chairperson(s), treasurer, and communication director will be “elected” annually.


The Booster Club hosts a parent potluck dinner on the evening of the campout.  It’s a great way to enjoy the company of all these folks whose kids you keep hearing about.  The food and drink is wonderful.


The Booster Club also asks parents to make a voluntary contribution (over and above the sports registration fee) to help pay coaches, buy equipment, rent busses, and provide discretionary scholarship-type funds for the coaches to use.


For more information about the Southwest Cross Country Booster Club or to make a donation to the team email



If you are interested in Southwest Cross Country or have questions about the program or Booster Club, please contact Martin Richmond at 612-926-5226.