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Chemistry Text:















Students will have textbooks issued from the Media center, acess to an online version of the text book, and other handouts that further explain concepts and topics in chemistry. Furthermore, lectures and assignments will often be posted online for review/replacement. If there are extenuating circumstances regarding books, please see the media center specialists.


Chemistry Book for 2013-2014 can be found at:


User Name: BRADYJ50

Password: brady506

First Name: Brady         Last Name: J


NOTE: The link below is for school year 2011-2012

Go here to view the (old) online chemistry book: https://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com/snpapp/login/login.jsp

Username = southwest

Password = lakers



For powerpoint presentations on all Physics chapters go here: http://southwest.mpls.k12.mn.us/hewitt_conceptual_physics_powerpoint_presentations.html



Helpful Links: 

This is a site that has helpful review and practice problems:

The Wooden Periodic Table: Great interactive periodic table of elements
Isomer Construction Set:  Go to this web site and complete the activity for all possible ismers thru decane (or as far as you can go)
Physics 2000 Website: Physics 2000 website from Colorado
Electron configuration applet:  periodic Table with electron configuration
Table of Electronegativity:  Useful for determining the nature of a bond
Jefferson Labs:  Chemistry Games and Puzzles, hangman, crosswords, etc

Chem 30 Tutorials:  IB thermodynamics tutorial with imbedded applets
Heating: Curve Simulation
Mole Conversion Video: Helpful video about mole conversions

Gas Properties Simulation: Useful simulation of gas properties




Honors Chemistry - Files available for Download:

document Honors Chemistry 2013-14 Syllabus   --  Read this for info on class structure and policies.
document notes on classification and properites 9/3   --  here are the notes on elements, compounds, mistures and properties read Ch 3 of text for more details
document Metric system prefixes   --  here is a more complete list of the SI (system international) prefixes
document Expectations and 1st assignment   --  easier to read than the full syllabus grading scale etc
document On-Line text redemption code   --  you can use this code to create your own version of the on-lines text with your own bookmarks, etc.
document Mole conversions (DA practice)   --  here is the mole conversion worksheet we went over in class Fri 10/11/13 visit website linked above
document name that compound   --  slides of the powerpoint to help you with nomenclature
document Types of reactions and balancing   --  the notes awith answers to alancing worksheet, scan down ignore the chapter 11 stuff
document Solubility curves   --  here are the answers to the notes worksheet we got last week. The pink assignment similar to these notes is due Friday 1/31
document review w/answers given 2/7/14   --  Make sure you are ready for the test on 2/11/14 (chapter 14)
document M & m and colligative properties w/answers   --  here are the worksheets and answers for the homework due 2/6/14. on Monday we will return yours to help you study.
PDF Clicker review   --  questions and answers for the clicker review on2/10/14
document answers to worksheet solubility practice   --  the answers to predicting the precipitate homework
document Heat Notes   --  Some of the most important things to know about Energy in chemistry; Chapter 15 & 17 stuff
PDF answers to heat of reaction worksheet   --  You could have a blue check on your and keep to study from (or you turned it in)
document Hess' law worksheet with hints (answers)   --  use the hints at the end of file to show your work; due Friday (the day of the test)
document Thermo Study guide with answers   --  Here is the study guide for the test; answers are on the next page
document Acid Base pH notes   --  gone over Monday 3/24/14 test on these "basic" concepts Thursday
PDF clicker review questions   --  all the clicker review questions with answers from Wed 5/26
document review for Acid base test with answers   --  questions and enswers (on next page) to the review/practice sheet Good luck on the test
document Ch 16 Reaction rate notes   --  gone over in class Tuesday 4/08/14
document More notes for Ch 16&17 Rates and Equilibrium   --  from class on 4/15 & 4/16/14
document reaction rate expressions   --  worksheet with answers (at end) to reaction rate expression homework
PDF LeChatalier shift worksheet answers   --  answers to the worksheet checked in 4/22/14, study for the test Thursday
PDF answers to the group work done Tue 4/22   --  study for the test Thursday then turn in
PDF r rates, equilibrium practice test   --  we will use clickers to answer this practice test Wednesday in preparation for the test Thursday
document R Rate , Equilibriun leChalalier Study guide   --  this study guide w/ example problems and answers should help you organize YOUR thoughts and NOTES for the test
PDF answers to pH and Tritration homework   --  this was "hand stamped" on Tuesday as on-time (or not). check your ansewers and study for the test. turn in for credit after the test.
document Study guide for Acid base Titration test   --  get ready for the test on Thursday 5/8/14 you recieved this tuesday 5/6/14 (answers on 2nd page)
PDF clicker practice test from 5/7/14   --  answers at end of file, range is covered after the first bunch "Stop here" unless you want to repeat and study for final
PDF Study guide for test in PFD   --  the study guide in PDF incase you don't have WORD; the answered version is after the blank one; Good Luck
document RedOx unit packet   --  the entire packet on redox given 5/9/14; basic skills will be checked 5/14 the 10 redox balancing by 1/2 reaction method due friday 5/16
document Desk Copy sheets   --  there are the green and pink notes that we are keeping on out desk this week to help with this unit. re-word these to your own liking in your notes.
PDF solutions to 1st 9 RedOx problems   --  the 1st 9 problems are worked here if you are still struggling with balancing by the 1/2 reaction method. can still do more for extra credit by Monday.
document Electro Chem Notes   --  anode cathode potential calculations for galvanic cells etc
document Power point on Electro chem   --  Too long but has good information. pull out the important stuff
PDF answers_to_electrochem_worksheets.pdf   --  study these answers for the final
PDF Nuclear Packet answers   --  here are the answers to check if you are not sure; you will turn in before the test Monday
document practice review of waves, e config, atoms etc   --  a few general MC chemistry questions to practice with for the final exam; answers at the end.