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Students will have textbooks issued from the Media center, acess to an online version of the text book, and other handouts that further explain concepts and topics in chemistry. Furthermore, lectures and assignments will often be posted online for review/replacement. If there are extenuating circumstances regarding books, please see the media center specialists.


A copy of the on-line Chemistry Book for 2014-2015 can be found at:

(use the rememption code found in documents below to create your own personal copy)



Password: swlak248

Remember, you are always welcome to re-take any quiz or test.
We are available during 2nd and 4th hour and after school, other times by appointment.

Monday           10/5/15            Formula Mass
Tuesday          10/6/15            Percent Composition
Wednesday     10/7/15            Bunch of Beans Lab ***Gum Lab Due***
Thursday         10/8/15            The Magnificent Mole – Macro View
Friday              10/9/15            The Magnificent Mole – Micro View

Monday 10/5/15 Formula Mass

·         Notes, worksheet, discussion

Tuesday 10/6/15 Percent Composition

·         Notes, worksheet, discussion

Wednesday 10/7/15 Bunch of Beans Lab ***Gum Lab Due***

·         Students complete a lab to demonstrate the molar concept

Thursday 10/8/15 The Magnificent Mole – Macro View

·         Big concept – Y model – map to mole town

Friday 10/9/15 The Magnificent Mole – Micro View

Week 6 - Dimensional Analysis and Metric Conversions

Monday          9/28/15          Metric Conversions
Tuesday         9/29/15          Dimensional Analysis Practice  ***Dimensional Analysis Worksheet Due***
Wednesday   9/30/15          Conversions Showdown
Thursday       10/1/15
           Prep Gum Lab and Dimensional Analysis Partner Practice ***Simple Metric Conversions Worksheet Due***
Friday            10/2/15           Gum Lab

Monday 9/28/15 - Metric Conversions

  • Simple metric conversions worksheet handed out
  • Either clicker review or power point

Tuesday 9/29/15 - Dimensional Analysis Practice ***Dimensional Analysis Worksheet Due***

  • Go over the dimensional analysis worksheet in class and turn it in

Wednesday 9/30/15 - Conversions Showdown

  • Converting for candy in class

Thursday 10/1/15 Prep Gum Lab and Dimensional Analysis Partner Practice ***Simple Metric Conversions Worksheet Due***

  • Prep students for IB-required gum lab
  • Have students practice Dimensional Analysis problems in pairs to prep them for the upcoming dimensional analysis quiz

Friday 10/2/15 Gum Lab ***Dimensional Analysis Pair Worksheet Due***

  • Students collect data in class for their IB Gum Lab
  • Students may finish their DA pair worksheet in class

 Helpful Links:

This is a site that has helpful review and practice problems, especially for SL Chemistry:

Good or interesting web site for Chemistry

The Wooden Periodic Table: Great interactive periodic table of elements
Isomer Construction Set:  Go to this web site and complete the activity for all possible isomers thru decane (or as far as you can go)
Physics 2000 Website: Physics 2000 website from Colorado
Electron configuration applet:  periodic Table with electron configuration
Table of Electronegativity:  Useful for determining the nature of a bond
Jefferson Labs:  Chemistry Games and Puzzles, hangman, crosswords, etc

Chem 30 Tutorials:  IB thermodynamics tutorial with imbedded applets
Heating: Curve Simulation
Mole Conversion Video: Helpful video about mole conversions

Gas Properties Simulation: Useful simulation of gas properties




Chemistry (honors and regular) - Files available for Download:

document Honors Chemistry 2015-16 Syllabus   --  Read this for info on class structure and policies.
document Class Update Week 2   --  Summary of Events for both sections - Week 2
document notes on classification and properites   --  here are the notes on elements, compounds, mistures and properties read Ch 3 of text for more details
document Metric system prefixes   --  here is a more complete list of the SI (system international) prefixes
document Expectations and 1st assignment   --  easier to read than the full syllabus grading scale etc
document On-Line text redemption code 2015-16   --  you can use this code to create your own version of the on-lines text with your own bookmarks, etc.
PDF classification properties flow chart key   --  answers to the packet that was turned in
document density practice problems key   --  worksheet and answers to the density problems we have done
PDF Answers to Ch 2&3 review questions   --  answers to the golden review sheet
PDF Sig Figs clickr Q's   --  The Questions and answers to The Sig Fig questions from class 9/14/15
PDF Dimensional Analysis Notes and Worksheet   --  Notes and worksheet from class on Thursday 9/24/15
document Conversions Showdown   --  Conversion powerpoint from 9/30/15
document lab write-up template   --  here is a basic template to use when doing a full lab write up for most science classes
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