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John Pearson Physical science for team Harriet
Room: N137

 Remember, you are encouraged to re-take any quiz or test and late homework is accepted (better late than never) 
I am available after school (and usually about 30 min before school),  or by appointment.

PREP FOR QUIZ on Thursday 2/16. Quix will be on Elements Compounds and Mixtures and, Properties and Phases of matter. The flow chart amd practice on properties/classification are great review. The guided readings 8.1&8.3 and, 10.1&10.2 as well as THE DOCUMENT ON PHASES AND HEATING CURVES, it is located at the very bottom of this web page (I couldn't get it embeded here(sorry))..


This week:

Monday           3/20/17            Types of chemical reactions and Balancing

Tuesday          3/21/17            More Lewis dot representations of Bonding (ionic and covalent)

Wednesday     3/22/17            Lab: Properties of ionic and covalent Compounds

Thursday         3/23/17            more practice: nomenclature (types of bonds), Rxns type & Balancing

Friday              3/24/17            Quiz: nomenclature(bond types), reactions type & Balancing

Last week:


Monday           3/13/17            More on Nomenclature and compounds, get caught up day

Tuesday          3/14/17            Lewis dot diagrams     Criss-cross chart due

Wednesday     3/15/17            Lab Observe chemical reactions and begin writing chemical reactions

Thursday         3/16/17            Types of chemical reactions and balancing reactions

Friday              3/17/17            quiz on Ch 12 (atoms, ions and isotopes, various models)and time to work on balancing and types of reactions.


Previous week:

Monday           3/06/17            More on spectrums and Isotopes (finish lab and check in ions wrksht)

Tuesday          3/07/17            History of Atomic Models (ppt and video)

Wednesday     3/08/17            Compounds Cut and paste activity; compounds practice wrksht

Thursday         3/09/17            Late Start Day:   Isotopes of pennies lab

Friday              3/10/17            Compounds and nomenclature.    rest of Ch 12 reading Due

Prior week

Day date

Plan, materials

Monday           2/27/17

Sub atomic parts of Atoms Partner practice  (wrkshts due Thursday)

Tuesday          2/28/17           

Registration Day Schedule  (early release)      

                                            ( Electrostatics Lab drawings/descriptions due)

Wednesday     3/01/17

Field TRIP to PLAY (King Lear)

Thursday         3/02/17

IONS and their sub-atomic parts (wrksht check in 3/7/17)

       (check in the Atoms chart and drawings wrksht

Friday              3/03/17

Build an atom computer practice; /Emission spectra the “fingerprint” of atoms

(3 pages of Ch 12 guided reading will be checked in)

previous week:

Monday           2/20/17            No School Presidents Day

Tuesday          2/21/17            Ch. 12 Guided reading; Gold penny lab due, reading due 3/3 & 3/10

Wednesday     2/22/17            Councilor talking about registering

Thursday         2/23/17            Electro-statics Charge demo & mini -labs

Friday              2/24/17            Atoms and their sub atomic parts; worksheet due 3/27


Previous week:

Mond (ay           2/13/17            Reading, notes on matter and temperature 10.1&2

(Check in Name Substance and Classification/Properties wrkshts)

Tuesday          2/14/17            Gold penny Lab

Wednesday     2/15/17            Heating curves; phase changes

Thursday         2/16/17            Quiz on properties, classification, phases

Friday              2/17/17            No Students: Parent Conference

previous week:

Monday           2/06/17            Pseudo Putty lab;   Safety poster due

Tuesday          2/07/17            Elements Quiz: Ch 8.1 reading due; Name that substance  

Wednesday     2/08/17            Properties of matter; Chemical vs Physical (Intensive vs extensive)

Thursday         2/09/17            Late Start: Race to justice day          

Friday              2/10/17            Density of liquids (and solutions); pseudo putty lab due

Online Textbook
Students will have acess to textbook in class (a class set),an online version of the text book, and other handouts that further explain concepts and topics in science. Furthermore, lectures and assignments will often be posted online for review/replacement. If there are extenuating circumstances regarding books, please see the media center specialists.

A copy of the Physical Textbooktext “CPO Physical, Earth and Space Science” for 2016-17 can be accessed at:


additional information

Watch short videos on the Elements here:


Useful video for students still struggling with the mole concept:

Helpful Links:

Here is a link to the short video on the elements we sometimes use in class


Play the "build an Atom game here to help study for your next test:

This is a site that has helpful review and practice problems, especially for SL Chemistry:

Good or interesting web site for Chemistry

KAHOOOOOOOOOOTS! - Nomenclature - Periodic Trends

The Wooden Periodic Table: Great interactive periodic table of elements
Isomer Construction Set:  Go to this web site and complete the activity for all possible isomers thru decane (or as far as you can go)
Physics 2000 Website: Physics 2000 website from Colorado
Electron configuration applet:  periodic Table with electron configuration
Table of Electronegativity:  Useful for determining the nature of a bond
Jefferson Labs:  Chemistry Games and Puzzles, hangman, crosswords, etc

Chem 30 Tutorials:  IB thermodynamics tutorial with imbedded applets
Heating: Curve Simulation
Mole Conversion Video: Helpful video about mole conversions

Gas Properties Simulation: Useful simulation of gas properties

Chemistry (honors and regular) - Files available for Download:

document Metric system prefixes   --  here is a more complete list of the SI (system international) prefixes
PDF classification properties flow chart key   --  answers to the packet that was turned in
PDF Histroy of Atomic models   --  from class on 10/2/14 fill out your notes page
PDF Sig Figs clickr Q's   --  The Questions and answers to The Sig Fig questions from class 9/14/15
PDF Dimensional Analysis Notes and Worksheet   --  Notes and worksheet from class on Thursday 9/24/15
document Conversions Showdown   --  Conversion powerpoint from 9/30/15
document lab write-up template   --  here is a basic template to use when doing a full lab write up for most science classes
PDF The Magnificent Mole PowerPoint   --  A primer to moles and mole calculations.
document Power point on Empirical formulas   --  here is the complete power point from Class (chapter 10 for more examples esp page344)
PDF Notes answers from 11/19 excited atoms   --  answers to notes on excited electron configurations and the math review
PDF Periodic Table basics   --  Power point from Monday 11/30/15 make sure to have these notes.
document Properties of Covalent and IOnic   --  after the lab we want to make sure you have these ideas well understood (chapter 7&8)
document use these fill in notes as you go thru the powerpoint   --  Given Monday 12/14 (some studenst at choir/band practice)
document Ch 7 & 8 powerpouint   --  use the fill in notes to get the most of it. Done in Class Monday 12/14/15
document simplified rules of Nomenclature   --  here are the notes and answers to practice problems; also has the "writing a chemical formula homework and answers to help study
PDF Practice questions on Periodic trends   --  these are the clicker questions from Tuesday 12/15/15
PDF answers to the Mixed dot structure homework   --  Check em out; make sure you're doing it right
document bonding vocabulary   --  these terms are due when you take the final; here is a gift in case you want to check your answers before the test. (look in Ch 7&8)
PDF answers to the review/practice guide   --  Here are the answers to the review/practice problems from Tuesday 1/12. this is great practice for test
document Notes and answers to types of Reactions   --  get any notes you might have missed on reaction types and check your note pages
document Balancing Reactions and mole review   --  Partial answers to the homework to check if you are having trouble and didn't come in
PDF Nomenclature, mole and balancing review   --  here are a lot more review questions for the clickers from 1/27/16; formatting is not so good; sorry
PDF 1st Stoichiometery assignment   --  answers to help you study
PDF 2nd Stoichiometery assign   --  answers to limiting reactions stoichiometery to help make sure you are getting it
document review of limitin g reagents & study guide   --  the review of limiting reagents from 2/22/16 and the study guide (with answers highlighted)
PDF the powerpoint group challenge 2/26/16   --  here are all the slides (annswers at end) from the review we did in class 2/26/16 in prep for test Tuesday
document more stoichiometery and % yield   --  the worksheet and answers we used as a practice test Monday 2/29/16 (also the answers to last mondays begining review and guide sheet)
document review and study guide from Mon 2/22   --  study guide and answers from last Monday 2/22/16
document Heat and Thermodynamics notes   --  use these to help you get ready for the Thermo test
document 3rd Quarter Extra cred oportunity   --  Make your own Chem Tourney for march madness. here are the forms and an example. You must complete the Flinn Sweet 16 first
PDF Thermo study guide answers   --  know the Vobcabulary in 1st part of Ch 15. Remember there are other suggestions on the blue Hess' law packet.
PDF Thermo Clicker review Q's and answers   --  the PDF format loses the "delta H" and just shows DH; you will have to understand that DH measns change in enthalpy (or "delta H")
document Study guide for Thermo chem   --  as given monday 3/14 in prep for the test Friday3/18(w answers in red at end)
document Pink page of notes and solubility curves   --  These were the notes/practice that began the unit; check you answers
document M &m & colligative packet w answers   --  Know how to do these problems; the answers are to help make sure you are getting it correct
document Ch 14 review w answers   --  make sure you are able to do the solubility curve stuff too (pink page) answers are above
PDF Ch 14 clicker review Q's   --  Here are all the clicker questions to review for the test Monday. there are a few on general rules of solubility that have already been tested on (predict a precipitate) but they are still good review
document Honors Chem Gas Laws packet   --  Honors Chem got all the problems together check answers here
document Reg Chem Charles & boyles problems   --  page one of Regular Chem problems; answers at back show work for credit
document Reg Chem page 2 of gas laws practice   --  Combined gas law problems for regular Chem. If you have questions ASK
document Review of more problems for all chemistry   --  Here is a review for all chem classesanswers at end this will not be turned in
document Reaction rates Simulation   --  Here is the simulation we will use to get started with Chapter 16 on rates of reactions. It NOW HAS the Khan Achamedy video link as well.
document Chapter 16 notes   --  here are notes on factors that can change the rate of reactions
document Iodine clock design a lab   --  here is the info on what will be provided for your design a rate of reaction experiment. There are also writing prompts at the end
document Acid Base notes   --  you should be doing a little of this each day in your acid/base practice packet and/or in your notebook.
document notes and worksheets for the equilibrium unit   --  this should be completed and checked off by instructor (or turn if you don't need the worksheets to study from.
PDF the clicker review for rates and equilibrium test   --  here are a bunch of rates and equilibrium questions for you to practice if you missed in class
document practice naming acids, bases and salts   --  a copy of the group exit ticket with answers to help you review for the Test
document Physical Science syllabus 2016-17   --  can get a hard copy here
PDF answers to Metric conversions homework   --  Check your answers to home work to get ready for quiz/test
PDF Sig Digits reading   --  after working your own answers check them out here.
document Acceleration Problems   --  Here are the questions (and answer sheet) in case you didn't finish in class on 10/11/16
PDF Ch 4 reading notes   --  Here is the complete answers to the reading we have been doing to make sure you are ready for the test
PDF answers to the acceleration problems   --  If you didn't get them checked in on time do them late for partial credit (and to get ready for the test Monday 10/17/16
PDF answers to free fall practice   --  Answers to the free fall practice we were working on Friday 10/14. review to make sure you have done it correctly
PDF Ch 4 test review guide   --  Answers: just to get you more practice (and hopefully confidence) good luck on the test Monday 10/17
document Concussion Paper prompts   --  the 9th grade science prompts and possible web sites for your research
PDF answers to Concussion Movie Questions   --  in case you missed some of the main points of the Will Smith movie Concussion we watched in school
document MYP Ruberic for Criterion D   --  Use this to help guide your writing of the Concussion paper
document Rube Goldberg Assisnment   --  it is easier to link to the samples we saw in class from this document. REMEMBER the EXTRA CREDIT OPTION; cando XC work in groups
document Ch 7 Book reading homework   --  Just in case you lose your copy you can print a new one and review
document THE DOCUMENT ON PHASES AND HEATING CURVES   --  there are links and answers (at the end to help give you confidence for the quiz on 2/16/16
document Virtual practice and Spectroscopy lab 3/7/10   --  open this document and practice atomic/ionic structure and work the virtual lab.
document forms for info about the elements   --  watch the ed.ted videos on the elements(link available near top of web page) and take notes on these sheets.
PDF History of atomic models   --  this is the power point from 3/7/17 need to know for Ch 12 quiz
document Chemistry unit review packet   --  Study and complete this packet to make sure you are understanding the rang of things you should know from the Chemistry unit in 9th grade
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