The PLAN is a "pre-ACT" test that predicts success on the ACT Assessment. At Southwest, we offer this test only to students in the 10th grade.  PLAN includes test in English, math, reading, and science – just like the ACT.  It also contains a career interest inventory. 


The PLAN test is free and will be given to all 10th grade students, typically in mid-November. Students will complete a short registration in classes during the school day-- students do not need to register on their own.



Reasons to take the PLAN:

·        Taking PLAN is a great way to get familiar with the format of the ACT and prepare for the ACT

·        Teachers and counselors use PLAN results to help you choose the right high school courses to prepare you for college

·        PLAN identifies your academic strengths and weaknesses so you’ll know if you’ve developed the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed in college

·        PLAN connects you with information you’ll need to start your college search.

·        PLAN helps you learn about careers that match your interests.  Learning about the world of work now will help you choose your college major later.


For more information about the PLAN, visit their website at