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Navigator - June, 2006

From the Principal


The end of the school year is both exciting and rewarding.  As an entire educational community we rejoice in many voices and in many styles for the successes of our students and programs.  Achieving the goal after twelve years or 180 days depending on the age of the student is worth a celebration.


But this is also the time of reflection and wondering about what else could have been done. Has the focus of our efforts been correct?   Is there a positive difference resulting from the emphasis we apply to studies, the various tests, or the amount of homework?  I guess we will know the answer in about twenty years.


This has clearly been a successful year for many students and families at Southwest. The students have shown a tremendous amount of energy and talent evidenced in their writing, on the playing field, in classrooms, and throughout the community. They are athletic champions, History Day winners, Chess Team Champions, National Merit Finalist Scholarship winners. They have received ovations for their outstanding performances on stage and in academic programs.


It is imperative also to understand that all students and their families are unique beings and have unique situations.  Not all of the students can share the same success stories.  Not all students experienced success in the classroom.  The challenge remains to engage all students.  Some of that is realized as students mature and begin to understand their responsibility in the learning process.  Some successes are gained as students and families explore the opportunities to reach out to others in our community.


Southwest High School is a truly remarkable place.  What happens in the classes is exciting and definitely positive.  What happens in the various sports and clubs and activities is equally remarkable.  The total 4-year experience is one that I believe produces outstanding, caring and capable future leaders.


Let us celebrate this 2005/2006 school year!  In a few months the halls will be once again filled with some of the brightest and best young people in our area.  The tradition continues!



Congratulations, Dr. Smith!



Bill Smith wins MetLife Foundation Award

Dr. Smith, our own SWHS principal, has won the MetLife Foundation Ambassadors in Education Award for extraordinary efforts to bridge gaps between schools and the parents, businesses and organizations that make up the surrounding community.

Smith was nominated by our local communityfor his tireless efforts to reach out to students by attending school events and maintaining an open-door policy. He visits Saturday parent coffee groups and local elementary schools and junior highs to foster relationships and listen to concerns. His efforts have created a reputation for collaboration and partnership with the community at large. Because of this, Dr. Smith has earned the school a $5000 dollar grant to continue enriching itself and its community.

Pictured left to right: Skip Welsh from MetLife,

Dr. Bill Smith, and John Guy from the National Civic League.