Links and Lists

Below are links to 2-year, 4-year, and specialized vocational, college, and university programs in the U.S. and abroad

  • Alphabetical list of US Universities
    List of U.S. universities, ordered alphabetically.
  • American Association of Medical Colleges
    A list of medical schools by state which, in collaboration with their undergraduate division, provisionally accept high school seniors or undergraduates who have completed one or two years of study into programs leading to the conferral of both the baccalaureate and the M.D. degrees.
  • Alternate Medicine/Therapy Schools
    Links to schools organized by state for learning massage therapy, acupuncture, aroma therapy, etc.
  • American Colleges
    Click on a map of the US to find homepages of four year universities.
  • American Universities
    As home pages are found for American Universities granting bachelor or advanced degrees, they are added here, one page per university.
  • Architecture Programs
    The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) is the sole agency authorized to accredit US professional degree programs in architecture. Most state registration boards in the United States require any applicant for licensure to have graduated from a NAAB-accredited program. This site lists currently 111 schools offering NAAB accredited professional programs in architecture, leading to the Master of Architecture or Bachelor of Architecture degree.
  • Association of American International Universities
    Links to the web pages of American colleges located around the world.
  • Association of Bible Colleges
    List of institutions sponsored by Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges.
  • Association of Boarding Schools
    Directory of boarding schools. Here you'll find information about boarding schools, learn how to apply and search tools to help you find schools with specific programs or courses.
  • Association of Canadian Colleges and Universities
    A single stop for complete, up-to-date information on Canadian higher education. Universities, publications, international activities, scholarships, advocacy, etc.
  • Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design
    Links to affiliated institutions and information on a career in art and design.
  • Association of Military Colleges in the U.S.A.
    This is the site of a non-profit service organization for schools with military programs approved by the Department of Defense and which maintain good standing in their regional accrediting organizations. It is designed as a source for information on the 46 outstanding military schools that meet the high scholastic, military and ethical standards required for membership.
  • Athletic Trainers Programs
    School information and accredited programs in athletic training.
  • Braintrack
    Index to universities all over the world, organized by continent and country.
  • Business Week's Ratings for Business Schools
    Graduate programs in business rated by Business Week.
  • Canadian Universities
    Alpha list of colleges with links to home pages.
  • Catholic Colleges and Universities
    Links to college web sites organized by state.
  • Christian College Search
    Locate the web sites of Christian colleges searching by name or by criteria.
  • College and Character
    While this site is affiliated with a book that is for sale, it has lists by alpha and by state of colleges that have exemplary college programs that inspire students to lead ethical and civic minded lives. It also organizes the programs into categories such as volunteerism, substance abuse prevention, academic honesty programs, civic education programs, etc.
  • College Catalogs Online
    This subscription site accesses 20,484 college catalogs and has brief profile information and links to college web sites.
     You may sign up for a ten-day free trial that allows you to view 5 catalogs.
  • College Locator
    Browse four year colleges by state.
  • Community College Web
    Index for 1,272 community colleges and 181 related resource sites.
  • Community Colleges
    Alpha list that also can be sorted by state.
  • Community Colleges
    U links - listing of Universities, colleges, and trade schools. 
  • Community Colleges (U.S. Two Year Colleges)
    Programs are ordered alphabetically by country and within each country by university name.
    Click on a map of the US to find homepages of community colleges.
  • Culinary Schools
    Links to top cooking school in the US and around the world. Site sponsored by Peterson's.
  • Electronic Applications
    Links to colleges that have on line applications.
  • Equine Related Schools
    Lists boarding schools, colleges, and equestrian science programs. Search by Education/Schools/Colleges, then by location.
  • Evangelical Lutheran Colleges and Universities
    Links to affiliated university pages.
  • FairTest
    Lists links to the home pages of colleges that list 4-year colleges and universities, ranging in size and mission from small private liberal art colleges to large state university systems, that do not use the SAT or ACT to make admissions decisions about some or all of their applicants seeking admission as freshmen. Some of these schools require all applicants to submit test scores whether or not they use the test scores to make admissions decisions.
  • Forensic Science
    Links to colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom that offer forensic science programs.
    Search GoTrain by school listings or field of study for vocational training programs that require one year of less of study. Listing is more extensive in some states than others, but promises to add more.
  • Hillel
    A guide to Jewish Life on Campus - comprehensive descriptions of Jewish life, contact information and web sites for Hillels on over 500 campuses in North America and around the world.
  • Historically Black Colleges
    Alpha list with links to home pages.
  • Hispanic Colleges
    Search the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
  • Journalism and Communication Schools
    Links to programs at universities in the United States. site sponsored by Columbia Journalism Review.
  • Law Schools
    Links to law schools by alpha or by state approved by the American Bar Association.
  • Less Commonly Taught Languages
    Data base run by the University of Minnesota helps students to find colleges that teach less commonly available foreign languages.
  • Lutheran Colleges
    While this site is Lutheran in its orientation, it contains comprehensive college planning information for anyone preparing to attend selective colleges.
  • Lutheran Colleges
    Alphabetical list of the 28 ELCA colleges and universities. Click on a name to learn more about each institution from their own web site. There is also a clickable U.S. map that shows each school's location and lists institutions by state.
  • Majors and Careers
    Career offerings at colleges, universities, and vocational schools - A searchable database of 900+ career fields, 6000+ vocational schools, colleges, and universities with their addresses and phone numbers, links to scholarships, sources of loans, financial aid and advice.
  • Medical Schools
    List of schools offering combined college/physician programs.
  • Methodist Colleges
    Links to colleges, universities, pre collegiate schools and seminaries affiliated with the Methodist Church. Organized geographically.
  • National Association of Christian College Admissions Personnel
    Locate member schools by geographic region. Site includes college name, location, phone number, and links to college's web site if available.
  • Nursing Programs - Accelerated and Fast Track
    Links to programs sponsored by the American Association of the Colleges of Nursing.
  • Oceanography
    College and universities with atmospheric, oceanic, and related sciences.
  • On-Line Universities
    Find distance learning classes online, a school using the alphabet, a school using a US map and list of states, a school using a list of international countries, and programs of study from a total of over 10,000 colleges and universities.
  • Pharmacy Schools
    This is the official site of the Federation of International Pharmaceutical Schools. The list is in the form of a searchable database.
  • Sports Management Programs
    Programs are ordered alphabetically by country and within each country by university name.
  • Trade and Technical Schools
    Directory to web sites of trade and technical schools, apprenticeships, and community colleges.
  • Tribal Colleges
    Click on the map to go the college links for the 33 institutions that were created in response of the higher education needs of American Indians.
  • Universities in the United Kingdom
    Alpha list to home pages of colleges in Great Britain.
  • University Links
    Each week University Links searches the web for colleges with exceptional home pages and rates them based on content, graphics, and overall usefulness. List of Categories gets comprehensive lists of colleges and universities sorted by alphabet, state, and type. Other information includes college newspapers, student governments, catholic schools, historically black schools, women's colleges, business schools, etc.
  • Veterinarian Colleges
    Site sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Colleges lists all the universities that offer graduate degrees in veterinary science.
  • Vocational School Database
    Clickable map of the US lists vocational schools for a large variety of occupations. Click on Minnesota for schools in our area.
  • Web U.S. Higher Education
    This page of UT Austin Web Central contains links to Web servers at universities and community colleges in the U.S.
  • Women's Colleges
    Information about women's colleges as well as links to their web sites.
  • Work Colleges Consortium
    Links to colleges which defray much of the cost of attending by requiring students to work on campus.
  • Yahoo Guide to University Home Pages
    Also has links to American tribal colleges, historical black colleges, men's colleges, women's colleges, private colleges by state, public colleges by state, and community colleges.

Thanks to Edina High School for sharing their list of resources!