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Southwest High School Leadership Council

The purpose of the site-based management is to promote student achievement through the collaborative process of shared decision-making.  The desired outcome is the creation of an effective decision-making team to guide the policies of the school, and to advance the goals developed in the School Improvement Plan (SIP).  In addition, involvement of the Leadership Council shall provide a forum for all constituencies to become involved in the decision-making process.


MInutes for Leadership Committee are posted on google Docs.


School Improvement report is available on the district site at

Leadership Committee
Megan Marsnik

Brian Meyer



Kathleen Jacobs

Principal Bill Smith

Michael Ries

Danielle Jastrow

Kristin Woebke

K Mair

Gwen Spurgat

Nonie Kouneski

Isaac Van Wert




Proposed Leadership Bylaw Changes - Feb 2017 - Not Voted in yet.