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Inventors of the Industrial Revolution Essay

Your assignment is to write a 5 paragraph research essay incorporating the following points in your essay.

1.  Who is your inventor?

-  Include the person’s name, background, and country they are from.

-  Include the year of their birth and death.  Any interesting information related to their family is alright to include.

2.  What did they invent?

- Give details on the invention they are best known for.

- List other inventions and or patents if there are any.

3.  How did this invention change the world? (Answer the following questions.)

- What industry did it create or improve?  If applicable, what industry, job, or skills did it make obsolete?

- Is this invention being used today in some form?  Or how it lead to other inventions?

- What are the positive and negative consequences of the invention?

4.  Finally, you will have to cite your sources in the MLA style and have your sources on a separate sheet of paper.  Use the free website on my webpage to help you with your citations.


- You must research and have at least one primary source and two secondary sources in your essay.

- Title your essay and include your name and date.

- Grammar, spelling, and punctuation count!

- Use the attached rubric to help guide you on the key points of the essay.

- You will be only given limited time in class to work on this essay.  This means you will have to do some work at home to complete the essay on time.


Suggestions for Inventors:

Thomas Telford                                   George Stephenson

Samuel Morse                                      Alexander Graham Bell

Nikola Tesla                                         Thomas Edison

Gottlieb Daimler                                  Elijah McCoy

Andrew Beard                                      Benjamin Banneker

James Watt                                           Cyrus Field

Elias Howe                                           Rudolf Diesel


If you choose someone who is not on this list you must have Mrs. Casell’s approval before you begin.

I highly encourage you to choose an inventor that you know little about from the above list!  This project is worth 75 points.

document Printable Version   --  Inventor project with rubric
document Fact Sheet Primary Sources   --  This sheet explains the differences between primary and secondary sources.