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Southwest Nordic Team Frequently Asked Questions










Will my son/daughter ski at every meet? Your skier will ski at every meet unless it is labeled "varsity", "Section", or "State". In some cases, the coaches will make a determination that a course or course conditions would pose a possible danger to a skier and will not allow that skier to compete.

How much will it cost to participate?  The estimated costs are outlined on the parent checklist.  A link can be found on the right hand column of this page.  

How do I find out what the season schedule is ? Your skier has the schedule in the packet they received during the first week of practice. The schedule will be posted to this web site and updates are sent by email to team members and parents.  You can also access the schedule via the Team Snap website

How do I find out what time my skier competes? Generally speaking, all Minneapolis Conference races begin at 4 p.m.. Race order is usually as follows: boy's varsity, girl's varsity, boy's junior varsity, girl's junior varsity. You should also ask your skier for their race time.

What time does practice begin and end? If we have a good snow year we will ski primarily at Theodore Wirth Park. The bus will pick the team up at door #5 at 3:30 and drop us at Wirth around 3:45.We will leave Wirth by 5:30 and be back at Southwest by 6:00. Before the snow flies we will gather for practice by the Ski Room and be done by 5:15 most days.

How do I know when a meet gets canceled or rescheduled? Parents and skiers will receive e-mail notification if a change in schedule occurs. Make sure to provide your email address to the coaches or parent volunteer coordinating the email list. Coaches and team member emails can be accessed by Team Snap.  You must register on Team Snap to be able to access the roster and the e-mails.  Registering with Team Snap will also allow you to enter a cell phone number to receive text messages which will be used for time critical changes.  . As a last resort you can contact Coach Drew Holbrook by email or 612-810-9019.

Will my skier need money for meets? No. Although most ski areas operate concessions, it is suggested that skiers bring hellthy snacks with them.  All skiers should come to meets with a full water bottle. 

How do I find other Southwest Nordic Team parents at meets? Wear something purple. It is hard when everyone is bundled up to show team colors. Some team supporters have been known to wear purple beads or carry purple pompoms. (Grey Southwest Nordic Swix ski hats will be worn by many team member's families.) If you run into a purple person, introduce yourself.

How is the varsity lineup determined? The varsity lineup changes from race to race based on coaches discretion. Factors affecting the lineup may include: skiers recent race results, course conditions, illness.

What happens if my skier is injured at a meet? The team carries emergency contact information to all meets. Parents will be notified in the event of any problems. A coach stays with an injured or sick skier as their condition warrants. Other coaches, captains, team managers and parents will be responsible for the remaining team members.

How can I best support my skier athlete? Show support of your skier by encouraging them to participate in practice and competition and recognizing their accomplishments.  Attend as many meets as your schedule permits to cheer, encourage, and congratulate your skier and other participants.  Your child should be on this team because they want to be, not because you prefer it or want to relive your sports experiences through them.  Help them keep sports in perspective:  "The purpose of sports for kids is to create an opportunity for fun and growth. All the triumphs and heartache inherent in sports can provide learning experiences and lessons that pave the road to adulthood." Sherry Newsham and Milledge Murphy, PhD. Sports Psychology Guidelines.  You also support your skier by helping them get the equipment they need to be comfortable in different conditions and to be able to ski at their ability.

Finally, you can also support your skier by actively participating in the Nordic Booster Club.  The Nordic Booster Club not only helps ensure our skiers have the best possible coaching by funding coaches’ salaries, it supports  our skiers by organizing race food, pasta parties, out of-town training and other events that help our skiers through the season.   In addition to your financial support, the Nordic Booster Club needs your help.  Please volunteer; with everyone’s participation we can build a stronger ski team.

What about winning and losing?  An experienced parent will tell you, focus on effort. Setting and achieving personal goals is an important route to attaining victory. But understand what it takes to achieve those goals. Realistic goals should be measurable and attainable. In skiing, most goals can be quantified numerically. Ask your skier what his/her goals are for the season. A lot happens in four years!

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