Minneapolis-Ibaraki Sister City Haiku Contest
Each year the emperor of Japan selects a theme for haiku poets.  For this year’s theme of our contest was "tatsu" which translates in English to " stand, to stand up ".

Ibaraki, Minneapolis’s sister city in Japan, sponsors a haiku contest.  Southwest High School was notified that they placed with eight winners in the citywide contest.  That means we won all honors in the 9th grade -12th grade category again this year.  

A presentation of awards was held on Sunday, April 13th, 2014 from 2 p.m. at the Minneapolis Central Library downtown.   Congratulations to the haiku winners!


Category C:  9 – 12 Grade

1st Place - Griffen Desai

Dreams begin to fade   As light pierces my window   I stand from slumber
2nd Place - Mohamed A Mohamed
Hot tea in a cup   Standing leaf in the middle   Good luck and good day
3rd Place - Anna Kelly
White falls softly down   Children run outside to make   Standing man of snow
Honorable Mention - Jackie Vo
Early morning fog   Settles on silent seashores   Lonely fisher stands
Honorable Mention - Maggie West
The sun rises high   Standing up to meet the world   A new day begins
Honorable Mention - Virginia Culhane
Here I stand alone   My gaze meets yours with a smile   Here I stand with you
Honorable Mention - Starlight Thao
I stand among hills   Even mountains and the clouds   I will not fall down
Honorable Mention - Emily Peterson
The red wood stands high   Above the clouds, towards heaven   The tree’s arms spread wide

Category D: Adult
1st Place - Mary Doyle (Nora Doyle's mother)
Haystacks dot the field   Stand guardians of the farm   Silent warriors
Honorable Mention - Elizabeth Short ( McLean Cozine's Mother)
Stand up, my dragon   Push back the sorrows of time   Blazing hope shines forth


Japanese Program Calendar 

  Please click here to see the calendar.


Kasugaoka High School's visit

14 students and two teachers from our Sister School, Kasugaoka High School, in Osaka, Japan came to Minneapolis on Sunday, March 16th.  They will do activities with students at Southwest and stay with host families for a week .  Please welcome them when you see them in the building!

Here is the link of the visit.  Please click here.


Izumi HIgh SchooI's Visit

23 students and two teachers from our partner school, Izumi High School, in Osaka, Japan are coming to Minneapolis for a four day visit from Monday, January 20th.  They will come to Southwest from Tuesday, January 21st to Thursday,  January 23rd.  Please welcome them when you see them in the building!

Here is the link of the visit.  Please click here.


Kakehashi Presentation at the schoolboard

19 students and 11 parents of Kakehashi project members went to the schoolboard to present the Kakehashi Project on March 11th.  Fadumo and Susie gave their speech to the board members.  We are very proud of our complishment.  These are the pictures.  Please click here to see them.  Here is the viideo of the trip to Japan.  Please click here to see it.


Japanese language competition for high school students 

The J-Quiz is a bi-state competition to test the ability of high school students in Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin who are studying the Japanese language.  It is modeled on a quiz show format and aims to make the study of Japanese challenging and enjoyable.  The Regional Competition was held at Normandale Community College on Saturday, February 15th, 2014.  There were three levels: level II, level III and level IV in this competition. Here are the participants.  I hope many students will start studying for this competition next year.
Level IV  ---  Kimberly Vice,  Tressie Chamlongsong, Vicor Nieto-Vides,
                      Crisol Clemente-Mondragon, Diego Baumann, Jacqueline Vo
Level III   ---  Denys Karia, Kelsan Dorjee, Rhiannon Aldrich
                       Olivia Engel, Katherine Vo, Pa Chia Thao
Level II    ---  Fadumo Mohamed, Devon Olson, Emma Thvedt
                       Starlight Thao, Yanique Simpson, Taylor Nelson

Southwest High School has a sister school in Osaka 

The principal of Kasugaoka High School, Osaka Japan visited Southwest High School at the beginning of December.  His main purpose for this visit was to establish the sister school relation between Southwest and Kasugaoka High School.  Both principal signed the certificates on December 2nd.  He enjoyed activities wiith all Japanese classes after that.  I am very pleased to announce that Southwest High School has a sister school in Osaka.  We hope our relationship will be stronger and last long.

Here is the link of the event.  Please click here.


With the Consul General of Japan

21 students who went to Japan by the Kakehashi Project last July had an opportunity to meet Mr. Yoshida, the Consul General of Japan, on Friday November 1st.  They had a round table and discussed " Our future plans and concerns for Japanese Language Studies," then gave the Kakehashi Project presentation.  The students were proud to tell about their trip to Japan.  The Kakehashi Project was an incredible opportunity for these students, which they will never forget the rest of their lives.   


Homecoming Parade! 

The Japanese Culture Club participated in the Homecoming Parade with Japanese costume on Friday, October 12th.  There was a $70 cash prize for the club with the best sign and we won the prize.  I will show a video of the parade soo.  Here is the web site of this trip.  click here please.


Name:    Kyoko French
Email: kyoko.french@mpls.k12.mn.us  
Phone Number:  612-668-3030 
Voice mail: 612-668-5188
Room Number: 219
Grade/Subject: 9th-12th/Japanese 1,2,3,4,College In the Schools,IB SL, and IB HL
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My name is Kyoko French. I have been teaching Japanese since 1991 at Southwest High School.  Last June, two students went to Japan. They did sight seeing in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Shimane. They visited two high schools. One is Izumo Hokuryo High School. They practiced martial arts. Another high school that we visited was Kasugaoka High School. 20 students from this school joined a field trip to Kyoto, English and had time to communicate in Japanese and English.   They visited Kofuku-temple and made Japanese seets.  In March, Kasugaoka High School is going to send 14 students and two teachers to Minneapolis. We enjoy their visit. There will be another trip to Japan in June for two weeks next summer also. We were able to establish many great relationships with communities and city governments for their continued support. Students who are interested in the trip should watch for details.   

A Fully Funded 10-day study tour to Japan! 

The Japanese Program at Southwest was selected to participate in the “KAKEHASHI Project – The Bridge for Tomorrow" - funded by the government of Japan.  This project gave us a fully funded 10-day study tour to Japan from July 8th to July 18th 2013.  23 students,  former Southwest teacher and Mrs. French enjoyed time in Japan.  Here is the web site of this trip.  click here please.

ram at Southwest was selected to participate in the “KAKEHASHI Project – The Bridge for Tomorrow" - funded by the government of Japan.  Students did presentation of Kakehashi Project at the staff meeting on Tuesday, October 1st.  Please click here to watch their presentation.


Meet host family
Kasugaoka Visit --- Meet host families at the airport
Izumi High School's presentation at the Japan Night
Japan Night Poster
Sister School
Sister School Certificate
with the Consul General of Japan
Bannar for the Southwest Parade
Bannar for the Southwest Parade
Japan Bowl at Washington DC