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Here are typical questions students have asked in the past.  If you have questions which are not listed here, please send them to  If parents have questions, they can also be directed to


When do I need to get a physical?

The athlete is required to have a physical every three years.  A senior athlete must have a physical performed after their freshman year.

Can I join if I've never run before?

Yes! Our program is very open. We have had state qualifiers who never ran before the 9th grade.

How often do you practice?

During the summer, most team members train once or twice a day, and once the season starts, it is usually after school, with occasional morning practices. The more you come, the better you will run. 

Can I train with the cross country team if I do other sports?

Yes--lots of students do, as their schedule permits. 

Can run in meets even if I am not fast?

Yes! Everyone has their own goals for improvement. You will always be able to race.

How do I get on the team?

Get the sign-up forms at the Athletic Director's office on the first floor in the west building, by the west gym. There is a $60 fee. Turn the forms back to Ryan Lamberty the Athletic Director.   Make sure you sign all the forms; there are a lot of places where parents and students have to sign; even missing one signature will cause delays. 

The physical is the one that might be an obstacle if your doctor or clinic is slow in making appointments; in that case, you can go to a Target mini clinic or Urgent Care. The specific high school league physical form and all other forms are available on our SW athletic website.

If you plan on doing sports at SW for all four years, make sure you file a new physical between your 10th and 11th grade year.  Do NOT wait until it expires.   

The parent /student consent package needs to be signed each academic year.  If you do that in the Fall, then for winter and spring sports, all you need is turn in a new emergency referral ( a new one for each sport and for each season even if all the information is the same) and the fees.

Why should someone join the team?

It's a really fun environment for meeting people, for lifetime fitness, to get in and stay in shape, to race hard, if not necessarily fast.

Is cross country at South West a team sport?

Yes. We have both individual goals and team goals. We are more than a team when it comes to caring about one another. We promote choices and free-will so you decide for yourself how much and how hard to train.