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Elana Goldman and Olivia Curtis Co-Captians Henry Aoki and Russell Pekala Charlie Oertel and Spencer Rasmusen Billie Forester Jill Kirk and Emily Van Ryn Mia Naselaris and Natalie Mackey Our Fearless Leader Mr. Hoselton Georgia Pharris and Cole Graver-Mitchell Holden Platt and Jonah Endelman Co-Captains Ben Stevens and Lily Ren Shira Rabkin, Rewan Abdelwahab, and Maisy Martin Fiona Edwardson and Alison Rosengren Kate Malone and Morgan Shoenecker Jimmy Schmeising and Nick Mulligan Benniep Pekala and Jonah Endelman Carter Markegard and Aidan Petrilla

What is Debate?

Debate is a competative interscholastic activity that involves researching, writing, and debating arguments.  The season, which runs October to December, features seven tournaments which allow students to showcase their abilities and preparation.  

Southwest participates in the debate format known as Classic Debate.  Classic Debate was designed by a group of Minnesota teachers 14 years ago to make debate accessable to a large number of students.  Alternate debate leagues require expensive evidence packets or summer camp attendence to be competative.  Classic Debate scoring is based not only on what evidence is used, but also how that evidence is presented, explained, and understood.

What Happens at the Meets?

Meets feature teams of two students clashing over current issues. Teams debate according to a set format.  At each competition debaters will participate in four debates, each running approximately an hour.  Debaters use research and speeches written and complied by the team prior to the competition.  At each meet, debaters will prepare and argue both sides of the issue.  

What do We Debate?

During the season, students will debate two different topics.  The first topic is selected by debate teachers in August.  The second topic is chosen by students.  This year's resolutions (to be argued for or against) are:

1.   Resolved:Should the United States should incrementaly raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020.

2.  TBD

When do We Practice?  

Debaters practice Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in Mr. Hoselton's room E112.  The debate team uses practice time to prepare for competition by writing speeches, compiling evidence, and practicing delivering arguments.  Veteran debaters and coaches work to prepare and train new debaters.  

If you have questions or interest in joining the debate team contact Alex Hoselton (Coach) at

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