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Ceramics with Zhao 

This class is designed to be the entry level for clay pottery.  It covers the sculptural aspect of clay and all the hand building techniques.  It will try to raise the awareness of the difference between arts and crafts.

Some of the projects that will be covered: -- Coil, slab, mold, pinch, sculpting, symbolism and metaphor.  Wheel throwing is optional.  Only the most patient and mature students who clean up well, will be allowed to try or to continue practicing on the wheel.

Within each unit, there will be studio work, lectures and (individual & group) critiques.

Teaching philosophy & teaching style:  This class approach is based on the belief that all kids grow and learn at a different rate and learn best when the assignments are tailored to their needs.  Kids are given assignments and they have a choice to pick the ones that work best for their artistic growth.  From time to time, young kids, just like college freshman, when they have choices and freedom, tend to test this concept and ended up “foundering” at the beginning.  Once they decide and find out that it’s at their best interest to grow up and take charge of their lives, they end up doing as much or learning as much as the “normal” teaching style.

Field trip-( positive motivation)
Sometime next quarter,  the 40 hardest working students from all my classes will be invited to go on a all day art field trip.

Firing fees
To discourage students to fire their work and then throw them away afterwards, we are charging a small fee ( $1 to $4) for each piece of art work being fired.  Firing and glazing is not part of the curriculum.  Top grades can be earned without any pieces fired.

Grading Policy
On the studio days, working 35 min. will earn the student one point.  Lecture, discussions and critique days re 3 points each.  Points are totaled up at the end of the quarter and semester.  90% of the total point is a B+;  80% is a C+;  70% is a C-;  60% for passing.
None of the studio assignments are graded on their artistic or creative qualities.  They are however, graded on outstanding effort, average effort or minimum effort.  Earning 3 outstanding effort on 3 of our assignments will boost your grade by one third ( i.e. B+ to A-)  My expectations will get higher as time goes on.  My expectations will also very depending on special circumstances and the ability of the students ( i.e. life skill program or learning disabilities.)

On top of effort, if you have 4 unexcused absences in a semester ( 2 per quarter), you will not pass this class.  After 4 tardies, each additional 3 tardies will lower your grade by 1/3.

Tardy Policy
After one warning, each tardy will result in a after school detention.  This is a school-wide policy.