You Found It! Mr. Case's Webpage

Name:   Alex Case
Grade/Subject:   11/12th Grade IB  Psychology and Theory of Knowledge
Room Number:  W101
Phone:  (612) 668-3030
   Hello and welcome to my web page.  Wow, another year!   I've been teaching here at Southwest since 1997 and love my job. I've enjoyed teaching ESL English, US History, Government, Civics, IB History of the Americas, and IB HL 20th Century History.  Currently I teach IB Theory of Knowledge and IB Psychology. I am the Head Coach of the softball team here at Southwest and enjoy the challenges and fun of another sport.  I am also the club advisor to the Southwest ping pong club and look forward to expanding our program as the construction finishes and we have space.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions concerning my classes or the softball program, thank you, alex case